Thursday, July 1, 2010

TYVM Thursday!!

It's time, folks, for another edition of 
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To the company that makes the wal-mart brand of spray on sunscreen that DID NOT WORK and resulted in second and third degree sunburns on my legs, hindering my ability to walk for an entire week, thus causing the house to be in shambles . . .
really . . . i needed that vacation

To my husband's wonderful aunt for coming into shambled house thus embarassing me entirely 
i am still embarrassed you had to see the house like that

To my fourteen year old son that took half an hour to vacuum our tiny 10X5 rug in the living room - badly
i am sure you were trying (ahem)

To my mother for constantly reminding me that my two year old is "ready to be potty trained" and I should "get on it" soon
everyone needs to hear how badly their doing with their kids

To the woman in front of us in the Wal-Mart line with 10,000 coupons and the V E R Y  S L O W  C A S H I E R that was checking her out
we didn't have anyplace to be. really.

And a very sincere THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my amazing husband who helped out tremendously last week when I couldn't even sit with both feet on the ground. 
I love you, baby!!!!


Rachel said...

Sorry... if I bring a million coupons, I scout out the fastest checker :) Hope your sunburn heals quick!!!

HeatherOz said...

Ugh! Sunburns are the worst! Especially when you TRY to prevent them! Hope you're feeling better soon! If you ever need someone to make you look better in the potty training area, just let me know. My daughter was 3 before she was trained and my boys were 4 with occasional accidents! I HATE potty training and put it off as long as I can! I would rather change a messy diaper than messy underpants! I also had a friend who started trying to train her daughter at 18 months. She REALLY struggled until her daughter was 3. I would rather wait until it is a little easier for them to understand!
Thanks so much for linking up today!

teri Snell said...

Love this post! Thanks for making me smile. :-)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Hate sunburns! Hope you heal FAST! And for what it's worth ... I didn't train Josiah until HE was ready which wasn't until he was 3 years, 4 months. At which time it took less than 24 hours! TYVM! :)