Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Looking for Magic . . .

I love taking my camera with me everywhere. 
Sometimes, there's no telling what you might find peeking out at you from around a corner or hiding amongst the trees. 
I can't say photography is my entire life, rather more of a hobby that I hope to make some extra money at some day. 
But the thing about photography is that it has opened my eyes to a whole new world - a world of God's majesty and wonder. 
A world filled with the magic of our Father and all he has created for us.  
Today I would like to share some of that magic with you:

Peace in the Woods
A Memorable Afternoon

A Child's Laughter

A Serene Moment

And a Child's Wonder

Each of these things come from God. Gifts to us to show his mercy and love. Today, I challenge you to find some of God's magic for yourself. It might be a raindrop, a rainbow, a hug, a smile, or a beautiful sunset.
Matthew 7:7 says " . . .Seek and ye shall find . . . " 
Why not give it a shot?


Amy Sullivan said...

Found you through MBC...did you take all of those pictures? Really nice! Love the one in the woods.

We are thinking along the same lines...I just wrote a similar post about finding God all around us. My big wow God moment had to do with shells.

SuperMom Blues said...

Hey Amy! Yeah, those are mine.Thank you! :D I love playing with photoshop and Picnik - they work wonders!

I will check out your blog! I can't wait to read that post!