Thursday, July 29, 2010

TMI Friday! Arachnid Edition . . .

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Now . . .

Let's get one thing straight.
I hate spiders.
I don't care what they look like, how big they are, or weather or not they're poisonous.

Having said that, I have had two very uncomfortable situations the past couple of weeks dealing with the icky things.

Last week, I went out to do laundry (my laundry room is an enclosed area in the car port). Sitting on the ground, in front of the door was none other than a

have i mentioned the fact that i hate spiders?

Needless to say, I grabbed my swiffer (which I don't use any more anyway) and smashed the heck out of that thing.

As IF that wasn't bad enough, a few nights later (last Friday) my husband called me outside to show me what he'd found in the grill.

And THIS one had EGG SACS!!!

Now, just in case you're wondering what a black widow spider's egg sac looks like, here's a picture for you:

They are a very distinct size and shape and hold - are you ready for this? - around 200 EGGS.
Ronnie found four of them in our grill.

Needless to say, my fearless husband cranked up the grill to high and let it go for a while before attempting to cook anything on it. I'm fairly confident that it was sterile . . .
at least . . .
no one got sick that night.

Two black widows in less than two weeks. Even now, my tummy is turning thinking about it.
again, have I mentioned that
i HATE spiders?

♥I actually wrote this post on Wednesday.♥
 Wednesday evening I went to get the last load of clothes of the night and looked at the plug on the wall. There, spinning it's very first web, was a teeny tiny baby widow spider! 

Where there's babies, there's a mama somewhere! 
Needless to say, Ronnie and I will be looking at extermination options in the future. Wonder if we can get the landlord to pay for it?

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Kmama said...

I am totally freaking out over that one!! EEK!! And EEW!! Yeah, you might need to get Billy The Exterminator to come (have you seen that show before?)!


He & Me + 3 said...

OMGosh that is way too many spiders for me and black thanks.

SuperMom Blues said...

The REALLY scary part is that we keep finding them! Just last night I found on on the car!!! We've found some stuff online that says it's supposed to help with them, so we're going today to look and see if we can find some. MOMMY NO LIKEY!!!!

Ian said...

Found you through Kmama. Totally love this idea and I FRICKIN HATE SPIDERS

Janna Bee said...

There is nothing worse than finding a spider with egg sacs, especially something like a black widow! EW! I linked up my story- mine is more cringe inducing than anything else, thanks for giving me a chance to tell it!

Big Fat Mama said...

This is such a neat idea, it's fun to read random stuff about some of your blogging friends!

I am not a fan of spiders either!!
Big Fat Mama

Amy said...

EW!!! Just reading that gives me the willies!! When I find spiders in the house I put a cup over it so my husband has to kill it when he comes home! He he!

momstheword said...

Oh dear! Ugh, I just can't stand spiders. Black widows don't really live in our area (although I imagine they could come in on produce) but we do have wolf spiders and they are big and ugly!