Friday, July 16, 2010

TMI Friday - Potty Training Edition!

*thinking about starting a TMI Friday linky . . . what do YOU think?*
For those of you that follow me on twitter or Facebook you well know that this week we have started Jake's potty training process.

I put him in undies and kept him out of diapers for three days
After three days of mopping up floor puddles, we finally have had 
Jacob pee-peed in the potty for the very first time today!

He was actually very scared at first. 
He'd been holding it (and I mean literally holding it - with his hand!!) all morning (for about two hours). Finally, I guess he just couldn't hold it any more. 
I sat him down (forced him, really) and tried to hug and console him until it started coming out. 
When it did, I praised him - A LOT - and got very excited. 
I guess my excitement calmed him down because he sat and did the rest of it. 
Then I hugged him and we put a sticker on his potty. 
THEN we texted Daddy, Neena and Pawpaw, and called Granny and PePaw to share the good news. 

Now comes the fun part. 
Getting him to do it again!

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