Friday, December 19, 2008


Weeell . . . lets just say I didn't do as well this semester as I'd hoped. I actually did BETTER than I thought I would, but not what I had hoped.

See, last semester, I had the bright idea to try to have computer science as one of my concentrations.

Yeah, that was pretty dumb on my part.

So now, I have two "D's" and an "F" on my record. YIKES.

That's okay, really I was expecting to fail everything, so I was actually pretty stoked about the "D's".

So where do I go from here? Where I should have been all along.


Medieval British and European History to be exact.

Why you may ask?
Simple -

I am an English major. I have over 60 hours of literature under my belt. Over half of those hours are in British or European literature. And what goes hand in hand with Literature? History! Why? Because every writer in history has written about the society at that time. Weather they meant to or not, every piece of the written word is steeped in historical context and meaning. Therefore, I already have a head start.

Plus, c'm on . . . I'm a RENNIE!! Medieval history is my thing, man! :-)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas soapbox . . .

I love the holidays. I love everything about the Christmas season. The lights, the carols, the colors, the smells, the joy, the giving, the weather (even though right now it's not really Christmas weather . . . grr), the food, EVERYTHING! Well, there is ONE little EEENSY WEENSY thing that gets to me.


Now, if I say "Merry Christmas" I expect one of a few answers: "Merry Christmas" from someone that celebrates Christmas, "Happy Hanukkah" from some of my Jewish friends, "Happy Kwanzaa" from someone who celebrates that, but NOT "HAPPY HOLIDAYS". I'm sorry, but "MERRY CHRISTMAS" does NOT warrent "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!"

Want another rant?

Nativity scenes/Christmas trees are not being allowed in some town squares. Why? It might offend someone. A star of David, a Menorah, Kinara (Kwanzaa candle holder), or other non-Christian symbol couldn't possibly be offensive, but a CHRISTMAS TREE COULD BE??? HUH?? Soooo . . . let's get this straight . . . It's okay to take Jesus out of the season, because, heaven forbid we might piss off the atheists, but we can include EVERY OTHER RELIGIOUS ICON THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRIST????

Is it me . . . ? Or is this lacking some shred of equality?

Don't misunderstand, I'm GLAD that everyone else gets to have thier symbols displayed. I LIKE diversity!! I would just like for MY beliefs to be included in the diversity!

Okay, I'm done now.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have a much more cheerful CHRISTMAS posting.
If I'm over this, that is . . .