Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Day In Pictures - Sailing with My Boys

A couple weekends ago, my husband, my oldest son, and I went sailing on our Hobie 16 Catamaran. We had so much fun riding over the water, and didn't mind so much when we got stuck in the wind. Although I was not able to capture anything on the water (didn't want to ruin the camera, you know), I did catch the fun of setting up the boat, hoisting the sails, and launching. We had a blast that day!


Easy now . . .
               Watch Out For that Tree!

Gotta Have Drinks
                                    The Mast

The Lake is That-a-way

          Lifting the Mast

Hoist that Sucker!

And I Hey-elped

Garrett pretending to be Captain Morgan. Still trying to decided weather or not to be disturbed . . .

The Mast is Up!

Hoisting The Jib

 . . . And Now For the Main

Ready to Sail!

The Result of our Day at the lake - the SPF 50 spray-on sunblock I bought failed - MISERABLY
Ended up with a 3rd degree sunburn on my ankle there. YIKES!
It was WELL worth it!!

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