Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The End Is Near! (Not a Religious Statement)

I went to TWU yesterday to see about changing majors. Well, needless to say, if I had stayed on my current track, I would have finished in May 2010, with the way TWU's scheduling system goes. But, after talking to a wonderful advisor, filing some paperwork at the registrar's office, and going over schedules, it is done!! I am no longer an English major, I am now a General Studies major. I am no longer graduating in 2010, but now, ladies and gentlemen, I am graduating in MAY!!!! W00T!! That's right. 18 hours. That's it. I have three classes this semester, and three next semester. I am going to FINALLY do this!!

This brings me to a preachy moment. I have heard women saying, "Oh, i can't go back to college, I can't afford it/I'm a SAHM/I don't have the time/yadda-yadda-yadda" Okay, all those excuses are BS!!!! It took me 14 - YES, 14 years (by the time I walk across the stage)!!! I started in 1995. But I did it! Sometimes I could only take one class at a time. I had to take a few semesters off due to moving to Austin, legal troubles, pregnancy, wedding, pregnancy, baby, etc. It was slow going. But I did it.

So if you think it's not possible, think again!!

So, just FYI, the next person that comes up to me and says "Oh I just can't . . ." I will tell you to your face that that's a cop-out. Just be warned . . .

On a side note, after a week of feaver, night wakings, screaming, crying, rashes, diarrhea, swollen gums . . . we now have FOUR teeth instead of TWO!

4 nights of screaming $0, but really annoying
3 days of high (101) feaver $0, but a little scary
2 bottles of feaver reducer $8
1 case of roseola $0 - but unnerving for mom

Finally getting it all done and over with . . . until the next tooth, anyway?

. . . Priceless

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hmmm . . . I need some chocolate.

Okay so I have come to terms with the fact that I am fat. Not just fat. I am FAT. I gross myself out. Thank God I have Ronnie in my life rather than some shallow guy that wants a stick insect for a wife. Sometimes I wonder how he crawls into bed with me . . .

So I have made a choice. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I make this choice once every couple of months, but this time I really MEAN IT!! Beginning with my next shopping trip, my family and I will be "clean eaters". No red meat. Very little chicken. Lots of fish, veggies, and fruits. A few whole grains - NO refined ANYTHING . . . I am even thinking very seriously about omitting dairy. Now, I know that would send Ronnie into shock, so I am thinking very hard about weather I want to go that route or not . . .

Theres a TV show on BBC America called "you are what you eat". The woman who does this show is named Gillian McKeith. Although I don't have this channel (yet) I have become addicted to this show. I went to this web site and printed out all the recipes. I am a little frightened, though. She uses things like star fruit and soy milk and courgettes - I don't even know what the heck a courgette is! And I know some of this stuff I can't even get in America, much less Bowie!! So, what's a girl to do? Well, I am going to buy fresh veggies out the wazoo, low sodium boullion, fresh fruits, fish, and soy cheese (I'm gonna try it, although I doubt the stuff they sell at Bowie Wal-Mart is going to be worth poop) . . . I am going to TRY to limit my soda intake (I drink diet coke all day. I'm going to try to limit them to three a day . . . note I said TRY on this one . . .) and drink more water, I will cook chicken once or twice a week - only when the kids are here, and even then, I will probably eat something else. I will try to stay as far away from red meat as I can . . . Although I can have chocolate!! Dark chocolate - the darker the better. Good thing I LIKE dark chocolate!


Poor Ronnie . . . He DID say he didn't mind eating vegitarian occasionally . . .

I hope this works. If not, the next step? Lap Band . . . ugh . . .

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't throw stuff. Please.

I am voting for John McCain.

Now, before you start throwing things at me, let me defend myself.

Barack Obama recently took a trip to visit the troops in Iraq. He blew off the soldiers. He went into the officer's tent and played basketball. He shook a total of three hands while he was there. All three were high-ranking officers. One of the men tried to say hello to him. He completely ignored the boy and walked on. He said nothing to any of these men and women that are risking their lives so we can even HAVE elections in November. He was snooty.

John McCain went to visit the troops in Iraq.
He shook every hand that was given him. He told every man and woman he came into contact with thank you - and even hugged a few of them. He cried with on man as he listened to the story of how this man watched his bunk mate die.

So, before you start throwing stuff at me -
Who would you rather vote for? A man who doesn't care about the men and women risking their lives in Iraq, or a man who does?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Playing Catch Up

This past few weeks have been CRAZY!! I feel like I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off . . .

So now I get to play catch up. I have a TON of blog posts to read, and a TON of blog posts to write, and a ton of responses to write! YIKES!

I did get my school schedule worked out - YIPPEE!! I have 2 classes on Monday and Wednesday and one internet course. They are all computer classes, so hopefully I'll do okay in them . . . *sigh* WHY didn't I choose History as my second concentration instead of Computer Science . . . Dumb Jen . . .

SO now I'm off . . . cookbook writing, blog reading, getting my poop together . . . I hope!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blogger madness . . .

Wow, has it really been that long since I blogged??? Yikes . . . what kind of blogging mommy am I??

You know, Mommyhood is the toughest job on the planet. I don't care what anyone says. Working moms don't have it easy, per se, but they get a break from their kids. Me? I'm lucky if I get out for 30 minutes to go to Wal-Mart or Brookshire's by myself. I don't have me time. It is impossible for me to have me time.

On a positive note - Ronnie and I are FINALLY getting a much deserved and much anticipated DATE NIGHT!!! Woo-hoo - Thank you Uncle Sam for the lovely stimulus check you sent us - it will be well spent . . . LOL. M. Night's "The Happening" at the Rave and chinese food at Red Pepper's - can't get any better than that!!!

Another positive - my best friends and I are planning a trip to GALVESTON!! Sun, surf, relaxation . . . aaaahhh . . . SOOO nice to think about. The thing is, I really would love it if our significant others went - we all are married, engaged, or may as well be (AIMEE, LOL) - and to be honest, I've never been a night without Ronnie since we were married. I don't know if I can take that - me and my co-dependency . . . But that leaves another problem - babysitting . . . UUUGH - why? B/C just two weeks AFTER that is TRF! This is where we dress up in garb, go camping, and play pretend for a whole weekend. And I am NOT missing THAT for ANYTHING.

So . . . I'm torn. I finally get the oppertunity for a weekend away from it all . . . and I am seriously thinking about reconcidering . . . what is WRONG with me???

Another side note - I have decided to write a cookbook. Yes, I know, I have been "writing one" for a couple of years now. But now, I am really going to concentrate hard on getting it finished! Thing is . . . who would publish me? Well, as Scarlett says:

"I won't think about that today, I'll think about that tomorrow. After all - Tomorrow is another day!"