Friday, July 9, 2010

All In A Day's Work

I made a list this morning.
I am the QUEEN of lists.
But this one was different.
I made a list of everything that has to be done every day in order for my house to stay in shape. 
I also broke it down into time increments (how long each chore should take).
It's a lot. 
6.1 hours worth 
(not including breaks or eating)
And right now, I'm not doing everything on that list. I'm getting lazy and slacking.
But it made me realize something - 
It takes a LOT to make a household run.
But today I realized something else.
I CHOSE this.
I CHOSE to stay home and take care of my children and my home.
Whatever chaos there is around me - 
The Lord teaches us that:  
". . .whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." (Matt. 25:40)
This is a verse that I have to keep posted to remind me of what it's all for.
I pray daily to be a blessing to my husband and my children.
I made this list with the intention of sticking to it every day. 
It's harder than you might think (some of you "Born-Organized" people probably do most of this without thinking).
I urge you, if you haven't already, make a list like this one. Think about everything you have to do to make your home run smoothly. If there's something you're not already doing, start doing it. Start small. As the Fly Lady says - "Take Baby Steps". Add one thing at a time, either day by day or week by week, however you're comfortable, until you're just doing it.

I know you've all been chomping at the bit to see my own list, right?
Well, here it is. Enjoy!
(still haven't figure out how to link a word document into blogger yet. sorry!)

Daily Routine

Early Morning
Make Bed – 1 minute
Dress to shoes, hair, face, teeth – 15 minutes
Swish and Swipe – 2 minutes
Boot Laundry – 5 minutes
Coffee with God - 45 minutes
Prayer/Meditation – 15 minutes


After Breakfast
Unload Dishwasher – 5 minutes
Load Dishwasher – 5 minutes
Counter/Stove - 5 minutes
Reboot Laundry – 7 minutes
Help little ones make their beds – 10 minutes


After Break (Late Morning)
Reboot Laundry – 7 minutes
Fold and put up clean laundry - 15 minutes
10 minute tidy in one child’s room – 10 minutes


After Lunch (early Afternoon)
Clean off table, wipe down – 2 minutes
Vacuum floor – 5 minutes
Daily Chore – 20 minutes
Reboot Laundry - 7 minutes
Fold and put up clean laundry – 15 minutes
Fly Lady’s challenge – 15 minutes


After Break (mid-afternoon)
Fold and put up final load of laundry – 15 minutes
Unload dishes (if needed) – 5 minutes
Load dishes (if needed) – 5 minutes
10 minute tidy in other kid’s room – 10 minutes
15 minute declutter – 15 minutes


After Break (early evening)
Start dinner – 45 minutes


After Dinner (mid-evening)
 Clean up dishes – 15 minutes
Load dishwasher – 5 minutes
Last counter/stove wipe – 5 minutes
Shine sink – 5 minutes
Kid’s Baths – 30 minutes
Kid’s bed

Grownup Time
Bed Time

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The Mrs. said...

you made that all look so simple in that list! We should be able to do this...right? Then why am I reading blogs and not doing it, I ask you! LOL