Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Potty Chronicles: "Mama, You Have To Help Me"

Don't throw things . . .
My son potty trained himself.
Seriously! It's like going potty was his calling.
His sister . . . notsomuch.
But that's another blog.

He has a stool and uses it to turn the light on and to get up on the potty and to wash his hands.
He CAN do it.
He's DONE it.
More than a few times.

So, why is it that he has to run into whichever room I'm in,
Stop whatever I'm doing and yell at the top of his lungs:
Of course, I, in my calmest voice possible, reply:
"Baby, you're a big boy, you can do it yourself."
To which he shrieks (what is it with three year old boys and shrieking, anyway??)
You ever get one of those "Okay, now, REALLY??" moments?

Then, when I don't respond (because I'm a mean, mean Mama, like that) he proceeds to stomp and cry and dance around.
Which part of the potty process turned my sweet precious little boy into demon-child??

Inevitably, afraid that he will end up going to the bathroom anyway - all over himself - I guide him to the bathroom and show him where his stool is. "There ya' go, kiddo" I say and turn to walk away.

I should probably mention here that his favorite word is "because" and he uses it all the time - out of context which makes it even cuter . . .

So what EXACTLY does he want me to do? He wants me to pull down his pants and pick him up and put him on the potty.

Yes. This is another "Okay, now, REALLY??" moments.

Again, I refuse, and again he starts throwing a fit that would rival John McEnroe on the tennis court after being called on a foul a few times.

So, I concede, doing his bidding as though I were his own personal servent.
He immediatly lets go of everything he'd been holding into his bladder.
A 30-40 second pee. Reminds me of that scene in "A League of Their Own".

Then he hops down off the potty, pulls his stuff up, turns to me, looks at me with adoring eyes and says,
"Mama, I love you. You're so soft."

Touche, my son. Touche.


Michelle Saunderson said...

Sounds like a little boy that really wants mama's attention and praise. Also, you may want to remind him that even though he is growing into a big boy, you will always be there for him no matter what. He is trying to stay your little boy.

Teri said...

A few of mine wanted me to sit in the bathroom with them while they went potty because they were scared to be in there alone, so I know the feeling. LOL.

Karen said...

Oh that last line of his made me warm and fuzzy:)

I find it interesting, and also a bit heartwarming, that even at 18 and 21 there are things my boys want me to do for them. Thankfully, none are potty related:) There is just something special about a mom and her caring for you in some way, I think.

The Mrs. said...

you crack me up! LOL

Kmama said...

Yes, he does sound like Buster. Of course, if Buster would actually ever TELL ME that he has to pee.

courtney said...

Ahahahahaha! "You're so soft." That's AWESOME. My little boy is now 5 1/2 years old and he is constantly telling me how much he loves me. I told him to never change. Always love Mommy because Mommy will always love YOU. SO CUTE. Seth asked me this morning why he had to even turn 6 yrs old. He's happy at 5 - and so am I.

Anonymous said...

Nothing melts a mama's heart like those sweet words "Mama, I love you". Makes everything we do so worthwhile. Heartwarming post!

Big Fat Mama said...

Little boys can be so funny about this stuff. It's kinda cute, though. Just "because".

TornadoTwos said...

This is so cute! Three year olds are funny. And I'm glad mine isn't the only one who shreaks everything. I love that he uses the word "because" all the time, for mine it's the word "actually". And he likes to draw out the end of it really long, it makes me laugh so much. As in:
Mom, I want some milk. (As I'm pouring it...) Actuallyyyyy, no. I want some juice. (I go to switch) Actuallyyyyy, I do want milk.

Making It Work Mom said...

My oldest potty trained herself- I swear! She was 25 months old and I had just brought her newborn brother home and I guess she decided that she was probably going to be on the bottom of the list for diaper changes so she took action - it was pretty fabulous!
On the other hand with my youngest we had to impose the rule that when you are 4 Mommy and Daddy are no longer going to help you in the bathroom, and yes six months later she still sucks us in sometimes!
Your little boy sounds too cute