Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Have Your Seen My Pretzels?

No, that's not some sick kinky sex thing.
My pretzels have fallen off the face of the planet.
My favorite snack in the entire world.
I can't find them ANYWHERE!!
They used to be on the checkout aisles at Wal Mart.
Not anymore.
They're nowhere.
Not Wal Mart.
Not Target.
Not CVS.
Not Brookshire's.
Not even online!!
Not even on the manufacturer's website!!!
I can't even find a picture for your viewing pleasure.

It's like they never existed.
It's as though my pretzels were a dream that lasted a few weeks, and then was ripped out of my head by a mean, mean person trying to steal every ounce of joy inside me.
It's a conspiracy I tell ya'.
HK Anderson Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Bites.
Where, oh WHERE have you gone?


Michelle Saunderson said...

That totally stinks. I hate when you get hooked on a product then they discontinue it.

Kmama said...

Have you tried the Snyder's version? They are yummy! I've never heard of HK.

SuperMom Blues said...

I have, and I do like them. But they're not the same. The sad thing is, right now I can't even find THEM!! What gives?? LOL

AB HOME Interiors said...

Wow that is a bummer. Kinda like getting hooked on a show and it just vanishes with no warning!

laughwithusblog said...

I hate it when that happens! I hope they turn up real soon! :)

Jenn Erickson said...

Oh how I despise that when a favorite product sudden goes extinct with no warning! So sorry to hear that your pretzels have suffered this fate, and hope that they rebound at some point soon. Have you contacted the company? Seems like most company's have facebook pages these days, so perhaps posting a plea on their wall might be worth a shot. Jenn