Monday, January 24, 2011

Making Your Home Sing Monday! - Time Management

Alrighty kids, it's time for another edition of MAKING YOUR HOME SING MONDAY!
Making your home sing Mondays

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I am the world's worst procrastinator.
I always think : Oh, I have time. I don't have to do that now . . .
And then the inevitable happens:
A deadline for a 14 page paper on the intricacies of the British republic during the Tudor period in England;
A birth-control prescription runs out;
The fridge gets over full with food that is rotten and inedible;
The printer runs out of ink or the print head gets clogged;
The house gets messier . . .
Oh, the list could go on and on (and often does).

I am learning about time management, and am TRYING to work on it.
TRYING, I say.
But it's really hard.

I don't want to unload the dishes when I could be watching my husband play a video game.
I don't want to read an assignment when my three year old wants some "lovin's (yuvins)".
I don't want to mop the floor when I could be sitting on the computer writing a blog post.
I just don't want to.

But I am learning that time management isn't necessarily about getting all the "I-have-to-but-I-don't-want-to's" out of the way first. It's more about spreading your time equally and not getting bogged down. And it's also about figuring out what's more important.

For me, that priority list starts with my God, first and foremost. So, above everything, HE comes first.
Then comes my family.  They come before everything else, no questions.
Then school.
THEN the house.

It helps to have your priorities in order.

I am learning that it's okay if the house gets out of sorts when I'm in the middle of a research paper or a midterm.
I am learning that it's okay to put off doing the dishes for some quality time with my husband.
I am learning that the floor is STILL going to be there, even after I cuddle my kids.
So, I still need to learn to call and make doctor appointments . . . but I'll get there . . . eventually.

So . . .
What are your priorities?
How do you manage your time?

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Kmama said...

I think i"m pretty good at time management, only because I don't have much time, so what I do have, I have to get the most out of it.

But there are days when I totally fail. Totally. Like this past weekend. *sigh*

Michelle Saunderson said...

I struggle with this also. I definitely agree that you have to set priorities or the little details will run you ragged.

Maggie S. said...

Stopping by from SITS...

Girl, you are humming my tune. Let me know if you figure it out.

momstheword said...

God and my family definitely are my top priorities.

However, keeping the house running smoothly, dishes done, laundry available and keeping up with meals is a way to bless my family too.

When the kids were little, I asked my hubby to play with the kids after dinner so that I could get the kitchen cleaned up.

He offered to clean but I preferred to do it and let him amuse the kids, since he hadn't seen them all day.

Once they got a bit older we started them on chore training. So that helped them understand that there was a time for work and a time for play. Kind of helps teach them a work ethic.

However, as you said, there is a time when you stop doing something and be with your family.

When that family time is done, I return to whatever chore I was doing.

If I did not do the dinner dishes after dinner (which is rare) and I am doing them at 9:00 at night and we decide to watch a movie together as a family, I go watch the movie.

Then, I go back and finish the dishes, even if it's 11:00 at night (believe me, one night I was doing them at 1:00 a.m., lol!) But that way I start the morning with a clean kitchen.

I just try to keep up with laundry, dishes, and do a little bit of extra cleaning every day, as well as picking up and putting things back where they belong.

In times of chaos where my time at home is severely limited, I just make sure that I keep up with cleaning the kitchen after every meal.

During those "away from home a lot times" I also try to throw a laundry load in at night (or first thing in the morning). Then all I have to do is toss it in the dryer later. I can fold it while watching t.v. with my family, etc. That way I can still have some family time and yet get that chore done.

During those chaotic times, I'm also making sure the house stays picked up and everyone is on top of their clutter.

I save the big cleaning projects for when I have more time. Just keeping it picked up is enough for me, and keeps it looking nice on the surface, even though the dust may be piling up, lol!

A house can go a long time and not fall apart as long as dishes are done and it's picked up. So that works for me and helps me manage my priorities and time when I am away from home a lot.

Then there are the times where I don't manage my time well and I let everything get super messy and then I need a few hours to dig myself out of the mess.

I don't like that so I try and avoid it by doing a little each day when I can.

Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

Lisa Grace said...

This is the first time in my son's life that his mom has not had to balance being a wife, a mom, AND a college student. My daughter was so young that she probably doesn't remember me pre-college days. I thought I would have all this extra time now that I've finished...but it somehow got filled up. So I'm right there with you on learning what the REAL priorities are all about. It's amazing how time just slips away. Good for you for getting it right!