Friday, July 8, 2011


Hey kids! It's time for another edition of: 

Where we're open to discuss anything and everything from the gross to the political.

After last weeks political debauchery . . .
I decided this week to bring back the 
by revisiting on of my favorite subjects . . .
Specifically . . .

First off let's talk about ants.
I know I've mentioned this a time or two but 
I. Hate. Ants.
They have successfully been seen in every single orface of my kitchen now. 
The plants.
The cabinets.
The sink.
The counters.
I even found them in some food - molasses to be exact. 

Needless to say I've thrown away a LOT of stuff over the last month. 
But after much determined work and effort 
(and some really great ant baits) 
I think we have the situation under control once and for all.
At least I haven't seen an ant in about 48 hours.

These are the absolute
MOST disgusting things on the planet.
I've learned a few things about them over the years.
First of all, they actually are not drawn to filth.
They're drawn to paper products and industrial glues. 
Which is why so many older houses have infestations.
I also learned that there are two types generally in my area: American and German.
One is, of course, easier to get rid of than the other.
And finally I learned the most important lesson of all this past week.
Roaches really REALLY like electronics.
After talking to my best friend, I found this out.
So I thought I would open up the bottom of my coffee maker . . .
Just to be sure. Since we'd seen them around it so often.
It was GROSS in there!!
Little roach carcases plastered all over the workings
On the wires.
On the sides.
Feces . . . egg sacks . . .
I almost threw up.
I decided I was going to throw away my $200 coffee maker right then and there.
Enter the hubby.
"I can clean that" He assured me.
Riiiiiiight, I thought. But I figured the worse that could happen was . . . 
well we'd end up having to throw it away.
I admit when I was wrong.
And I give my husband a LOT of credit. 
He stomached the grossness.
Wiped out every single wire with clorox.
Took the ENTIRE thing apart
Cleaned the entire thing up.
And put it back together.
He is my hero. 
And the reason I write this with a delicious cuppa joe in front of me right now.
I love that man.
So now that their obvious nest has been cleaned out, and we've put gel, baits, and little contraptions that are supposed to sterilize them around the house, 
I have yet to see one.
*happy dance*

And now for my final subject . . .
My facebook friends know all about my little mouse-capades.
I already have my TMI Friday post for next week, LOL. I swear we must have the smartest mouse (mice?) on the planet! He's managed to evade at least two traps. One, he took the food off of. It tripped, but no mouse. The other he CHEWED ON!! I'll be posting pics here in a bit. It'd be funny if it didn't gross me out so much, LOL!!

Well, I didn't get the pics on Facebook, but I have them for you, kids!!

Here you see the trap: Empty . . . No cheese. No mouse!
This is the one the mouse flipped over. Notice the chewed up stuff around it from the basket here on the left. Also, that long thing to the right of the container is a piece of leather from the basket NOT a mouse tail.

Close-up. Notice the chewing on the upper right hand corner of the trap!
Now the disturbing part . . .
When I picked up the trap, I noticed that it had been tripped, but again, no mouse.
But there WAS a mouse paw!!
Jennifer Munson DeMoss OMG!!! I flip over the chewed mouse trap and there's a paw stuck in the trap!!! GROSS!!! So now we have a three-pawed mouse running around and he's probably PISSED!
Jennifer Munson DeMoss It's a government-engineered uber mouse, I'm sure of it . . .
Jennifer Munson DeMoss The Arnold of mice . . .

That evening as the hubbs and I are watching TV we notice a mouse running behind our entertainment center and curtain in the living room.
Hubby sat out a trap.
The next morning we discovered a (finally) trapped mouse.
He was missing a paw.

Thanks for joining me for this weeks TMI Friday, Kids! 
If you have any suggestions for subjects, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email here.


Melissa S. said...

Jen, just thinking of you and wanted to catch up! Yikes. You really know how to ooog me out. I would NOT have handled any of those situations well. Hope it's okay if I link to your blog.

Kmama said...

I am freaking out for you. I would be moving so fast. I can handle ants. But roaches and 3 pawed mice? No thank you!!

I am allergic to roaches, and when I had the testing done and it came back positive, they said that I was more likely allergic to paper dust than the roaches.

Beth Zimmerman said...

My husband owns, and operates, a pest control company and he is under strict orders to NOT share horror stories with me. Too easily grossed out by all those critters!