Saturday, July 9, 2011

Silly Saturday! Brownie Pops!

So last week on Wordless Wednesday I posted this picture of the yummy treat with the promise that there would be a story and recipe that Saturday. Well, as it would happen, life happened and sometimes you just don't get to blog what you intended that day. So, here it is for you today, kids!

I'd been wanting to make these for a long time, I've seen them done with everything from cookies to cake and thought I'd give the brownies a try. My daughter Emily is my budding Chef, so she was my assistant for the day. We had chocolate and sprinkles everywhere, and every once in a while my OCD would kick in and I'd take over, but we still managed to have a blast. We giggled and laughed. Emily ended up with chocolate all over her face and more on the counters! She teased me by pretending to lick it off the floor at one point. And she was the first to sample her creation. It was a great time!

So Yum

Evan playing with Photoshop Settings, they STILL look YUM!
Pretty, to boot!

Brownie Pops
(I was unable to take pictures the day of, so I hope you are able to follow my instructions!)


1 batch brownies, baked according to package directions
2 containers Bakers dipping chocolate
1 container Bakers white dipping chocolate


Lollipop sticks (Can be found on the craft baking aisle at local Super Store such as Wal Mart or Target. Can also be found at hobby and craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael's. Ask for the Wilton aisle).
Small cupcake liners or parchment paper
Cookie sheet

Cut the edges of the brownies off and eat discard.
Scoop balls out of the middle with a small cookie scoop (this will make about 24 balls).
Place balls on cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.
Put cookie sheet in freezer and freeze for 15 minutes to harden and chill the brownie balls.
Meanwhile, melt the dipping chocolate according to package directions.
Dip the balls into the chocolate using a fork or your fingers (DON'T lick in between dips!) and return to cookie sheet.
Put the lollipop sticks into the balls.
Return to the freezer for another 15 minutes or until chocolate is set.
Melt the white dipping chocolate according to package directions.
Dip each pop 1/2 way up the ball and dip into sprinkles.
Place in small cupcake liners or return to cookie sheet.
Return to freezer 5 minutes to set.
Serve immediately or place into containers/plastic bags. (Freezer up to 3 months, fridge up to 1 week - IF they last that long!)

Enjoy the sweets and the memories!

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