Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - I'm Done With Summer

Once upon I time, I was ready for summer.
I could sleep late, enjoy my kids, didn't have to go anywhere.
But that fairy tale was long over weeks ago.

First of all, let's talk about the heat.
I'm in Texas. It hit 104 yesterday and today it's supposed to hit 105.
I have window units. They're OKAY, but certainly don't have the cooling power of central A/C.
Not to mention the fact that we have a gas stove. The pilot lights stay on. That kitchen gets HOT.

Now let's talk about sleep.
Sleeping late is overrated, to say the very least.
I feel worse and worse every day, and I think it's because I seem to be sleeping later and later.

Enjoying my kids?
Well, since it's too hot to go outside, and there's not much to do right now . . .
They're hot,
and Annoying.

And not having to go anywhere? Well, that gets old after the first two weeks.

I have another two months of this?

Dear Summer:




Jill Alvarez said...

I am very thankful for year round school. My kids only have 2 weeks of summer break left!

Kmama said...

I'm sure I would get tired of summer quickly if I were at home, but right now, I'm just wishing that I could be home to "enjoy" summer. ;-)

Beth Zimmerman said...

I feel your pain on so many levels! Hang on, Mama! September is coming!