Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tasty Tuesday Has Moved!!

Since most of my Tasty Tuesday recipes will be considered healthier fare, I have decided to move these posts over to my weight loss blog, SuperMom: Losing It. If you've never visited my other blog, I would love to invite you to go now! The focus is my journey - both physical and spiritual - to a healthier me.

I have struggled with weight my entire life. I look back at pictures of me from first grade and realize that I'm the tallest - and heaviest - person in my class - from first all the way through high school. I have never been able to lose weight on my own, no matter how I've tried. I started my Weight Watchers journey in 2008 at 298, then quit a few weeks later. Honestly, I was in a bad place emotionally, I wasn't ready, and I was doing it all online. In February I joined Weight Watchers AGAIN at 292 lbs - with meetings this time. I have since lost around 7 pounds. A couple of weeks ago I began a water aerobics class that I feel will truly help me further. It's been an up and down road, but I am becoming more and more confident every day.

So, go visit Losing It for your Tasty Tuesday recipe - and maybe a little inspiration!
God Bless!

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Emmy said...

Good for you! My BF lost 30 lbs this last year with weight watchers and loves it. I hope you enjoy it as much as she does