Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marriage Minded Monday - It's The Little Things . . .

Yes, Kids, I know YESTERDAY was Monday, but yesterday was also the 4th, so I took the morning off from, well, EVERYTHING, and enjoyed my husband while I had him home for one more day. We did nothing but sit in front of the TV and clear our DVR all day, but it was WONDERFUL!! Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th as well! Now, ON WITH THE BLOG!

What do you do for your husband?
I know that we women sometimes tend to be moody or cranky when our husbands don't do things for us:
"He should have thought to do that"
But oftentimes we forget that our husbands need a little TLC as well.

For example:
I make my husband's dinner plate.
He neither asks nor expects me to do so, but I just do.
I like to make his plate.
And he is always appreciative when I do.

It may seem like nothing - an insignificant motion - but sometimes it's those "nothing" moments that can mean the world to our hubbies.

Like an unexpected love note when you know he's had a bad day.
A saucy text message to let him know he's on your mind.
Letting him have control of the remote.
Fluffing his pillow a little extra.
Making his favorite for dinner even though you hate it.

These are things we can do to "spoil" our hubbies a little bit.
And believe me when I say that the more we "spoil" them, the more they'll want to spoil us.
God bless!

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courtney said...

So true!! SO TRUE.

Give a little, get a little...and do it with LOVE. :)