Thursday, June 30, 2011

Do You Discipline?

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This week I chose this particular promt:
Name a pet peeve you have about how other parents raise their kids. Go on…stir the pot.

This is something that has truly been weighing on my heart lately.
I have watched many people that I love dearly mess up their lives and their children's lives by neglecting to do one simple, yet important, thing:

Many parents today think that it's okay to let your children have control and that it's okay for them to run amok and do whatever their little hearts desire because, well, "they're only kids". Then when their children get older and begin to get out of control, they try to pawn them off onto other people because they can no longer handle them.

If you had only disciplined your child from the get-go, you wouldn't be having this problem, now, would you?

I'm not talking about yelling or spanking your child when they do something wrong, but I do feel that children NEED to be corrected and suffer consequences for their actions. And, contrary to belief, "talking" to a child is NOT a consequence! Feel free to take away a privilege (or ten), put a child in time-out (age appropriate time length, please: 1 minute for each year of age), have them write sentences or a lengthy apology note, give them extra chores, and yes, when it is warranted, it is okay to spank your kids!

The book of Proverbs states: "He who spareth the rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him correcteth him betimes" (Proverbs 13:24). This means that if you are not showing your children when they are doing wrong, and correcting them you are doing them more harm than good!

THIS is why we have a larger amount of wayward teens now than ever before.
THIS is why your child shows you little to no respect.
THIS is why children everywhere are disrespectful to each other and to adults.

Parents, for all that is holy, PLEASE learn to discipline your children!


Kmama said...

I totally agree. There is a post out there right now, belittling those that spank and calling them ignorant. We are spankers. I admit that. But I know plenty of other parents that don't spank that would never call spankers "ignorant."

Savvy said...

AMEN! Children need and WANT to learn.It's our job to be the parent and teach them whats appropriate. I think a lot of new parents think they can't be"fun" or a "good parent" if they discipline their kids. Parenting without setting boundaries is only asking for trouble.

Adrienne said...

Totally agree!! And I think that correction is only one small Necessary) part of discipline. I always felt that structure and clear, communitated expectations (for each age/stage) was vital to 'training them' in the way they should go!!

Laura The Great said...

Exactly. You had kids to be a parent not a best friend. Your kids will love you and respect you more if you discipline them. Stop trying to get your kids to like you, and start molding them into the adult you would like them to be.

Alex said...

YES!!!! please.. I find that a lot of parents leave the disciplining part to the teachers at school.

Education begins at home!! especially discipline!

Great post!