Thursday, June 9, 2011

PMM - Proud Mommy Moments

Thanks everyone for all the comments on my last post in regards to "branding". 
I'm so glad to know that you all like me just the way I am! 

So to that end, I decided that today I was going to link up with my good Bloggy-Mommy-Friend KMama for her weekly "Proud Mommy Moments". 
For more information on Proud Mommy Moments, visit KMama here and then come join the fun!!

My children have very distinct personalities.

First you have Garrett - he's the late-bloomer oh-woe-is-me emo kid (without the dark eyeliner). He loves to build with his legos, and create these amazing scenarios.

Then you have Christin. Christin is the typical pre-teen girl. Into boys and hair and makeup.

Then there's Emily. Emily is the social butterfly - she'll make friends with anyone and everyone - even in the middle of the grocery store.

And finally you have Jacob. The one we call "little man" Jake is the clown of the group. He's the jokemaster, the silly tickle monster, the one who will repeat an action over and over again if it will elicit a laugh.

This is a Jacob story.

We taught Jake his first knock knock joke at a young age. 
It was the one about the interrupting cow
For an almost-two-year old, his timing was impeccable.

Then he started creating his own knock knock jokes. 
Not quite as funny, but still kinda cute as he is only three.

For example:

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Butt who?
My butt is on my bottom!

Then the hysterical laughter occurs. 
Not from us, mind you, but from HIM - 
who thinks his jokes are the funniest in the world.

I just hope that he doesn't decide to break one of these . . . 
er . . . HILARIOUS . . . jokes 
out in the middle of church.

That would be a not-so-proud-mommy-moment . . .

Okay! Now it’s your turn. 
Type out your Proud, or maybe not-so-Proud Mommy Moment and link up with either KMama or Emmy MomDon’t forget, PMM isn’t just for mom’s…anyone can link up! Join us each week for this fun meme!


Emmy said...

Lol! Kids jokes really are the best- I love how their jokes are just so litteral and factual-as well his butt is on his bottom :)
Thank you so much for playing along.

VandyJ said...

I have an eight year old and I so remember the phase of really bad knock knock jokes. Ours tended to be of the knock knock, who's there?, banana(rinse, lther repeat) then say orange you glad I didn't say banana? variety. But with other fruit substituted. The humor of a three year old, it can be priceless, but also embarrassing.

Kmama said...

I love when the kids get into jokes. I mean, at least for a short time, because those jokes can be mind numbing! LOL

Thanks for linking up!

Kerri said...

My five year old laughs his buff off at his own jokes, which to me, make no sense but I'll tell HIM a joke and he just stares at me. Loving this stage. ;o)

deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

My just turned three year old, has started telling jokes this week. Then she throws her head back and laughs. She says that is so funny. Her sense of humor is interesting.

keri said...

LOL.. that's priceless! Funny, my butt is no longer on my bottom. Not sure when it just went flat and moved up to my boobs. sighhhh .. and I used to be so good lookin!