Friday, June 10, 2011

TMI Friday! Attack Of the Ants

TMI Friday is back!

Can I just say right now how much I hate bugs, in general.
Oh, butterflies are nice.
I dig the occasional ladybug.
Moths aren't TOO bad.
Roly Poly's are sweet.
And ant lions (aka doodlebugs) are fun to play with.

Everything else can go, as far as I'm concerned.
Especially roaches and ants.
Especially ESPECIALLY ants.
I. Hate. Ants.

Guess which of the above I am currently waging war against? 
No, dummies, not ladybugs.
Little tiny black sugar ants.
My husband calls them something else that I'm not allowed to say here 
(shame on you, Dear Husband for using such language!)

These little suckers are EVERYWHERE from the kitchen to my kids' room!

In the kitchen they're all over the counters and I've even found them in the cabinets.
In the dining room they're all over the table and the computer desk.
In the living room they're all in the couch.
In my kids rooms they're on the floor and in their beds!

Luckily they're just the little black sugar ants and not fire ants.

For the past week, I have cleaned, scrubbed, vacuumed, wiped, washed . . .
I'm exhausted.
Yesterday, I think my kids think I lost it.

"Gotta KILL the little suckers . . . 
Gonna . . . 
Squish 'em SQUISH 'EM SQUISH 'EM . . . 
NO! Not YOUR house MY house . . . out . . . OUT!!
squish squish 
(on the counter trying to squish them with bleach wipes)

I found it.
I found some boric acid and filled the hole with it, giggling maniacally.

My kids still think I'm nuts. 
But today, we have fewer ants.

So I think that this morning I'll mix a good concoction of sugar and boric acid and see how they like THAT little feast.

Beware evil little ants.
Your days are numbered . . .


courtney said...

That's right, Jen! TERMINATE THEM!!!

Kmama said...

We get ants every year, from the same spot in our living room. Jdaddy puts the ant trap outside the house right at the entry point (so we don't have to worry about the kids getting it) and it always works! You might want to try that.

Beth Zimmerman said...

My husband is a pest control operator and I'm still having to wage that same battle lately! And I love that you called your readers "dummies"! Made me hoot with laughter! Thrilled to be a new follower! Thanks for visiting my SITS Day!

keri said...

LOL, you have me on the floor in laughter here. Too funny. Hey. thanks for coming to my SITS thing. I was honored to see you there and read your comment. Looking forward to reading much more of you. Love the TMI Friday thing.

keri said...

I just can't stand the bugs and flies and creepy crawlers out here in the country. YUK..

just came back to say hello again.