Friday, June 24, 2011

TMI Fridays! Swimsuit season . . .

Welcome to another edition of TMI Fridays!
This week is all about . . .

*insert ominous music here*

I. Hate. Swimsuit season.
Unless you're a supermodel, are ANY of us REALLY happy with the way we look in a swimsuit?
Probably not.
And many of us are wearing swimsuits that we have NO BUSINESS wearing.
Don't give me that look
You know who you are.
*old men in Speedos*

And then you have the older people on the planet.

First off - I love old people. 
I think they are a wonderful addition to society - wise sages that teach us the ways of life. 
Interesting stories to keep us entertained for hours. 

But there are some things on an older persons body that should just. be. covered. up.
If it sags below the belt, it needs support!!

Speaking of old people . . .

My mom and I started a water aerobics class yesterday. 
I wore a swimsuit for the first time in over a year. 
It was a new Speedo-brand conservative-cut (yes, that's a style, LOL) sports suit.

But there were oh, so many problems.

First of all, before we get into anything, let's just say that I am a big  svelte large okay I admit it, I'm obese (thus the water aerobics). 
So when I say I don't look very good in a swimsuit, let's just call that a HUGE understatement.

Second, as I have been dieting and exercising for a long time, the suit 
(which I thought I ordered in my size) 
was slightly too big.

It was slipping down my back. 
At one time I thought someone was going to remind me that crack kills! 
And there were wobbly bits that were hanging out that should, by all that is holy, NEVER be hanging out!!

I would post a picture, 
but I'm sure none of you want to ruin your keyboards by being sick on them.

What do you hate the most about swimsuit season?


Laura said...

Well, I can't swim, so I don't wear a swimsuit, but...I wouldn't even if I could. I see large size women who look great in a swim suit (they found the perfect fit), but even though I'm not that large, I have this baby pooch that will not go away and keeps me from swimsuits.

Good luck with your water aerobics.

(Thanks for visiting my blog.)

Beth Zimmerman said...

It's probably a toss up between the need to wear a swimsuit in public ... and ... the chubby girls (not just old ones) who have no business in a 2 piece (never mind a bikini) who insist on strutting their considerable stuff without adequate cover!

I do water aerobics too!