Monday, December 27, 2010

'Twas The Week After Christmas . . .

'Twas the week after Christmas and everywhere I turned
Boxes and clutter and new toys were strewn
The stockings had long since been tossed in the corner
Along with the fruit and the nuts no one wanted

The children were nestled in front of TV
While arguing over who gets to play the PS3
And Daddy in his hoodie and I in my jeans
Had just figured out what the instruction manuals mean

When in the kids room there arose such a clatter
I rolled off the couch to see what was the matter
Away to the bedroom I crawled like a slug
Wondering what in the world's this green stuff on my rug?

I had to stand up to turn the light on
When I discovered the entire light bulb was gone
When what should I see but the kiddos, red handed
With broken toys and movies right where they were standing

They all looked at each other for one short little minute
Then all pointed and stared and shouted "HE did it!"
Lots faster than snails, now, my fury it raged
As I looked at the now-broken video games

"Now I can't believe your irresponsibility!
I have a mind to throw it all to the hillbillies!
To the corners with you - in the kitchen and hall!
Now GO take your punishments - dash away all!!"

The kids ran like you-know-what - They'd never seen me so mad
I think they finally realized it was IT I that I'd had
I looked at the broken plastic shards on the ground
Picked one up and eyed it, then sighed with a frown.

NOT beating them had taken me quite a bit of refrain
After all - $400 down the drain.
As I hung my head and I turned around,
The youngest pranced into the room with a bound.

"Mama," she said, the tattle tone was quite clear
"Mama," she said, "Randy broke the reindeer!"
That was the straw - that was it - that one there
I finally decided I just didn't care

Let them brake it ALL said my head
After all, you can't take it with you when your dead!
Then my son came into the room, looking shameful
With a cut on his pinky that appeared quite painful

On top of the broken toys - video games and cars
I now had to spend Christmas vacation in the ER??
And then, something hit me - a spark big and bright
What exactly was I EXPECTING this night

Everything that could possibly go wrong - well, it did
From breakfast to dinner to husband and kids
It dawned on me that I had been the one in the wrong
Focusing on everything droll and long

Going into debt, toys and games, gifts abound . . .
Those were NOT what this time was about!!
I have a whole family home for a holiday
This is NOT the way I want to spend it - no way!

I decided right then and there I would change
My attitude would no longer be grumpy or mange
We ran to the car, blood springing from wounds
And I smiled as I figured out what I would do

As we drove to the ER under cold winter's might
I screamed like a loon -

Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Week!
Blessings to you all!!


Anonymous said...

I so hope your New Years is much better! It is great when everyone's at home. I find I think I like the lead-up to Christmas the most! We were thrilled to have a White Christmas - but I was so worn out after dinner that I went to bed early - LOL

Happy New Year!

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

stopping by from sits. love the poem, but hope your evening got better.

Teri said...

Awesome poem Jen!
I hope this was not based on true events?? ;-)

SuperMom Blues said...

For the record - This is fictional!! No children were harmed in the writing of this poem!!
LOL I guess I should have stated that, LOL.

Thanks everyone!

The Mrs. said...