Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Supermom Soapbox: Where's our Faith?

I was going to blog about cookies today.
I had a great recipe I was going to share with you.
But something compelled me to NOT post a cookie recipe.
Something was moving me to another message today.

I read from the book of Luke this morning.
It was talking about Elizabeth and Mary finding out about their pregnancies, and their husbands reactions.
For Zachariah, he was struck dumb because he didn't believe.
For Joseph, the Angel of the Lord admonished him for wanting to divorce Mary (I guess he didn't believe either . . .).

That made me wonder about what if this story were true TODAY.
Back then, it wasn't uncommon for a woman of Mary's age to be a virgin - in fact, it was expected!

But now, when young women are more and more losing themselves . . . well, if a young girl said she was pregnant and it was God's baby, there is no WAY anyone would believe her. (Thanks, D, for the inspiration on that one!)

Has the way our world has changed also changed our faith?

Maybe there's a reason we don't get visited by angels in our generation.
Maybe there's a reason we don't get burning bushes or flames hovering over our heads.
Would we really listen?

I think that society has ruined us as Christians. Really and truly.
We don't have the faith that we once had. We don't believe in miracles the way we once did. And we certainly don't give God the credit he deserves.

When we do, we get admonished by the atheists, the pagans, and the "agnostics".

A couple of years ago, Ben Stein wrote this. Here he was talking about how we tend to focus more on who we're going to offend than our own faith. And he's not even a Christian. He's a Jew.

When a Jewish man will stand up in defense of Christianity while Christians sit back and say "I just don't want to be offensive", well, I really think there's something wrong with that. Christians need to have the faith God desires of us. We need to defend the truth. We need to be the ones to stand up and say DOWN WITH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS

Today, if a young girl were to say she was pregnant and it was God's baby, her parents would punish her.
The media would scoff her.
Christians would shake their heads in disbelief because they wouldn't believe her.

But . . .
What if it were true?
You see, God saw fit to send a messenger to Zachariah and Joseph - they learned their errors and realized they were wrong.
Would He do that today?

I'm off my soapbox now.


Kmama said...

That's a hard question because in this day and age, I really don't believe a young woman would get pregnant with God's baby. So maybe I have lost faith? Or I truly believe that there is one Jesus and nothing like his miracle will ever happen again. I don't know.

The Mrs. said...

Your welcome( for the inspiration) :)