Wednesday, December 15, 2010

End of the Semester - YEA!!

Yesterday I finished my last final
This semester has been BRUTAL
Not only have I had two history classes - both with a ton of reading and papers
But this semester:

I've had to make two 100 mile trips to a gastroenterologist for my daughter
We've had five trips to our primary doctor
We've moved, having to clean TWO houses top to bottom (still working on unpacking)
We've had school troubles with two of the kids
I've had food poisoning
We've had tire problems

Now if I can do ALL that AND still pull a B in both classes this semester then I'll be a happy girl!!

I am glad it's over though, but looking forward to next semester. Next semester will (prayerfully) be my FINAL semester - I hope to be graduating in May!

I learned a lot this semester.
One of my classes was on the Renaissance and European Reformation.
Did you know that Galileo and Michelangelo wrote?
I had no idea!
Did you know that Martin Luther wasn't the only religious leader to preach against the catholic church?
I didn't know that either!!
I also learned a lot about other denominations - specifically the Mennonites and the Catholics.

The other class was Texas History.
Interesting - most of what I learned either a) contradicts some of what is taught in Texas primary and secondary schools and/or b) is NEVER taught in Texas primary and secondary schools!

It has been an eventful - and exhausting - semester, but it's been one of my best in a very, VERY long time!


Kmama said...

Wow. that's a lot of stuff going on. I forget, what are you going to school for?

SuperMom Blues said...

I am getting my general studies degree in English and History.

Krystyn said...

Wow..that's some semester!

Chanel said...

Congratulations on finishing the semester off strong; especially with everything you had going on. I hope you get your Bs!!!