Friday, August 29, 2008

Why I don't talk politics . . .

Well, my views do not appear to reflect the views of (most) of the people around me. Its sad really, but one of the main reasons I'm voting for McCain is b/c of one issue that I feel very strongly about. Sometimes I am the lone republican in a circle of democratic friends.

I don't like getting into pollitical debate. People disagree, and that's cool. I won't try to push my beliefs on you, so don't try to push yours on me. But as I was watching Obama last night, I couldn't help but wonder "why would anyone vote for this man?". He's cunning, he's wiley, and I detect a note of dishonesty in his eyes. He was making promise after promise . . . promises that he can't possibly keep because it's really not up to him - it's up to the senate and congress. Ronnie turned to me and said "he makes sense". Yes in some ways, he does. But then, he also stands for something that goes against every moral fiber in my entire being.

Those of you that know me know what I am talking about. I might consider voting for him, if he didn't support the sensless murder of innocents. I might consider voting for him if keeping infantcide legal wasn't on his agenda. But he's a democrat. So that won't change. For that reason, neither will my vote.

I'm voting McCain. You may throw stuff now.

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