Tuesday, August 12, 2008

10 years . . .


This is a link to an article about a man who impacted my life and the lives of others 10 years ago in Dallas.

He is a brutal madman.
He is a killer and a taker of innocence.
He knows what he has done to dozens, and does not care.

One of the victims they speak of in the article was a dear friend to me. I dated him off and on for years in high school, and even when we weren't together he was one of my very best friends. I mourned for him for several years before getting on with my life, and I have close friends that still have a hard time letting go.

Brad was an amazing person. He had this uncanny ability to make you feel better when you were down. I remember when he passed, my first thought was, "who's going to make me laugh now?".

Leon Dorsey stole that from me. He stole that from a lot of people.

I remember the funeral clearly. Brad's mom was in the front row, she looked numb. When they began to lower his casket into the ground, Aimee (a dear childhood friend) collapesed. They played his favorite music - we all sat together and sang with it.

The thing that impacted me the most then, and still does now, is the fact that the last time Brad and I spoke on the phone, we had an argument. A week later, I called to talk to him, and his girlfriend at the time answered. She wouldn't let me speak to him. Two weeks later, I was devastated.

This brings to mind an interesting thought. If you are not a supporter of the death penalty, you should probably stop reading now.

Leon Dorsey is getting his final judgement. He was an evil man - the article clearly states that through his actions and his own words. He felt no remorse. He didn't kill for money, or for need. He killed for the sheer sick enjoyment of the kill. When he reaches heaven, he will be turned away. He never allowed Christ to touch his heart. I pray that he finds Christ today. That some epiphany washes over him and he realizes the people he hurt were innocent. I pray that he asks for forgiveness for his sins. I pray that he finds the error in his ways and repents. I don't think any of these prayers will be answered.

Does he deserve to die? That's really not my judgement call. The Bible says "an eye for an eye". Well, by that law, God's will is being fulfilled. I am glad he is being executed. That is so horrible for me to say, I know, but if you felt what I felt. If you went throught what the families have gone through . . . I am glad he will never be allowed to hurt another person again. I wish I felt differently. I wish I could say "oh life in prison is enough. That way he can sit and think about it until he dies an old man". But you see, he won't sit and think about it. He truly doesn't care. So for that reason, I am glad.

It's been 10 years coming.


Shelly said...

Brad can finally rest in peace!

We have waited for this day for so long...that we would finally get to hear what this EVIL MONSTER'S fate would be! Unfortunately he is getting the easy way out!

When I got the email from Aimee, I couldn't believe I missed this on the news this morning.

We love you Brad and miss you so much! You were a great friend!

Wendy said...

Apparently, he's clearly guilty. Why should our tax dollars feed him the rest of his natural life? The death penalty was made for cases like this. Too bad he didn't trust the Lord before it was too late.

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

Wendy, I'm not so sure that he didn't. I am wondering if my prayers were answered. His final words were, "I love all y’all, I forgive all y’all,” “See you when you get there. Do what you gonna do.” Makes me wonder if God finally touched him in those final moments . . .

Supermom2JakeAndEmmy said...

Shelly, he WAS a great friend. I regret that I didn't get to go to BA with y'all. But we sure had fun every weekend! Remember when Brad and I had the same haircut? LOL