Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - What I Did This Weekend

This weekend my husband and I and a few friends went to Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX.We had an amazing time, as we do every year, and can't wait to go back. Here are some of the highlights:

The Trees Coming Into Camp

Lake Bardwell at Sunset

The Foliage Around our Camp at Night

King Henry VIII

My Sister, My Niece, Our Friend, and Rhianna the Troll

My Best Friend and Her Younglings and Rhianna the Troll

Noobler the Tinker Gnome's "Moon Dial"
(it doesn't work during the day time)

The Highlight of Every Visit to Scarborough Faire, Twig the Fairy

There was one other thing I did this weekend . . . Something very important:


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Kmama said...

Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!!

That sunset picture is amazing!

MJ said...

congratulations!! And we love Ren Fairs!!! Hopping over from WW :).

SuperMom Blues said...

Thank you Kristi!!

I was playing with Picnik - I love that site!!

Thanks, MJ! We are total Ren addicts, LOL.

ICStarzz said...

Congrats! And these pics are really cool!