Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today marks a very momentous occasion for me. 
This is the last day that I will ever walk into a class on the Texas Woman's University campus 
as a TWU student.
It's a little bittersweet, actually.

I've made a lot of really good friends at TWU. 
And aside from facebook, I'm afraid there won't be as much contact with them after graduation. 
I will miss seeing them twice a week.

For the past two years, I have had the same instructor every semester.

I had him for French History.
I had him for Senior Seminar.
I had him for Renaissance and Reformation
I had him for Religion in an Atlantic World

My kids know that when I talk about 
"my teacher" 
that I'm talking about Dr. Blosser.
He's an amazing instructor and I have enjoyed his classes immensely.

I have had classes in the same building for the past four years at TWU.
The good old A&S building, right across the street from the Human Resources building 
and the commuter parking lot.

Most of them have been in the same three classrooms: 
101, 102, and 103.
Although this semester they decided to switch it up a bit by putting me on the second floor.

I will miss the hour long drive on 380, 
listening to Ira Glass talk to people on This American Life, 
which fills my mp3 player right now.

I will miss going onto campus, hearing the hubbub.

I will miss the library, the bookstore, the clock tower.
I will even miss the stupid elevators in the CFO building.

I will miss TWU

Now, a new chapter of my life will begin.
But I don't know what I will do.
For the past 15 years - well, longer if you count elementary, jr. high, and high school -
All I've Known Is School
Where will I go?
What will I do?
Will I be able to find a job I like in this economy?
Will I be able to find a JOB for that matter?
And if I do, what will happen to my children? 
What if I have to commute every day?
What if my babies need me during the day and I can't be there?

I guess I can finally admit this now.
i'm scared
i feel like my security blanket is being ripped out from under me


Kmama said...

Aww. you should be happy. Congratulations. I know it's going to be hard, and new, and scary, but this is a GOOD thing!

Michelle Saunderson said...