Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Happened to My Life . . ?

It's inevitable in most families . . . 
The morning will be going well - everyone's quiet and sweet.
Then suddenly . . .
all h-e-double-hockey-sticks breaks loose. 
One child is on the floor crying because another child pushed them out of a chair.
Another child is crying because they can't get their shoes on.
Another one is yelling at the first crying child because they wouldn't "get out" of his/her chair . . .
And this always happens as I you are trying to get them out the door.

I used to be a morning person.
I used to love to sit with my coffee and my bible, read every morning, maybe hop on the elliptical.
Not lately.
Now I dread every second because I am fully aware that as soon as those kids wake up, my peace and quiet is over.
I used to be able to watch whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.
Now it's SpongeBob and Bubble Guppies
I used to sing - I was on stage on many country opry's around North Texas.
Now I know every song in every kids show that airs today.
And quite a few from the past five years.

I remember how many hopes and dreams I used to have.
I wanted to sing professionally.
I wanted to act.
I wanted to be a photographer.
Now I'm lucky if I get through all the housework in a day.

I often sit and wonder . . .
What happened to my life?

Then my three year old walks up to me.
Wraps his little arms around me and says:
"Mama, I yuv yoo"

"Oh, yeah," 
I think as I squeeze him back, my heart filling with joy and love . . .
"THAT'S what happened to my life."
And I wouldn't change a thing.


Kmama said...

So sweet, and so true.

I didn't realize you used to sing! I think we need a vlog!!

SuperMom Blues said...

LOL, maybe one day . . !

Laura The Great said...

You and I have very similar lives...I have so many moments like these. Love ya!