Thursday, May 26, 2011

Miss Independent (Or Not)

This is what just transpired in my kitchen, and what inspired this post:

My daughter (7) decided this morning to make her own bowl of cereal without ANY assistance.
She struggled to pull a chair from the dining room to the kitchen, 
Climbed up the chair 
Losing her beloved "Lambie" on the way
She got the big bag of cereal down
Knocked over a few items on the counter getting down.
She carried the cereal to the table, went back to retrieve the chair.
She went back into the kitchen again to get a plastic bowl.
She brought the bowl into the dining room, opened the new bag of cereal, poured herself a bowl (and overfilled it, spilling some cereal on the floor and table).
She carried the cereal back into the kitchen, to the fridge
Then got the almost-full gallon of milk out one handed.
Grunting she hurried to the counter to put her cereal down, then her milk.
She then proceeded to pour her milk over her cereal - splashing some on the counter and floor.
She then carried her full cereal bowl back to the table, and sat it down gingerly.
She returned to the kitchen to retrieve a spoon.
Then ran into me crying:
So much for Miss Independent . . .

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Kmama said...

Haha! Sounds like she did a pretty good job getting the other stuff though!