Monday, February 7, 2011

Making Your Home Sing Monday When It's FROZEN!!

It's time for another Making Your Home Sing Monday! Want to know how you can join in the fun? Go visit Nan over at Mom's The Word and find out how!

Making your home sing Mondays

If you missed this post  talking about our frozen tundra of a wasteland or this post with the pictures to prove it, let's just say things have been pretty slippery around here this past week. So much so, that it's been really REALLY hard to keep my home singing. So, I guess this post is kind of a "hind sight is 20-20" kind of post - all the things I SHOULD have done but didn't to prepare for the onslaught of what has become known as "Snowpocolypse 2011".

What To Do BEFORE "Snowpocolypse" Hits.

  • Stock up on bottled water, and fill a couple of 5 gallon jugs for important things like dishwashing or toilet flushing.
  • Make sure you have enough groceries for two weeks - INCLUDING milk, juice, and Goldfish Crackers. (Just in case)
  • Sock up on paper plates and plastic utensils to avoid as much dishwashing as possible - cutsie animal ones are preferred by smaller ones.
  • Make sure your kids are good on things like coats and gloves and galoshes (really spell check? THAT'S how you spell galoshes??).
  • Stock up on things like craft supplies and puzzles - especially puzzles with pictures of things like princesses or talking cars.
  • Remove the light bulbs from most of your light fixtures and unplug most electronics to avoid unnecessarily high price jumps in electricity.
  • Stock up on taper candles to use so that you won't be tempted to replace said light bulbs.
  • Stock up on batteries for all toys, cameras, and other battery operated things that you might need batteries for
  • Hid the battery operated things that make a lot of loud, repetitive, annoying noise.
  • Instruct family members on the proper noise level in a home with five people all stuck in the same place.
  • Invest in extra duct tape to assist those having issues remembering proper noise levels.
  • And finally, pray that we never live to see another SnowPocolypse again!!!
Hope you all got a good chuckle from my lack of foresight!! Love to everyone. Have blessed week!


Michelle Saunderson said...

Wow, that is a pretty good list. I cannot imagine being stuck inside with little ones for that long. When I had to deal with hurricanes in 2004, my kids were really little, but at least we could open up the house and let the kids go out some when we didn't have electricity after.

momstheword said...

We had one year where we were snowed in for several days without electricity, but we had water. It sure was cold though!

I remember how tired I was of all that cold although it was beautiful outside. I just wanted to be warm (and well lighted) inside, lol!

Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

Mary Joy said...

Oh how I understand! LOL I love your list you helped me laugh about the blizzard. Our schools were closed for a week and then open 2 days and then closed another week. I especially cracked up at the duct tape idea!!! So that's what I forgot! Must add it to my storm supply list as it looks like we are getting another storm later this week!

Nice to meet you!!! visiting from Moms the Word!

Building HOme with Him,

Mary Joy

LBDDiaries said...

This is SO funny - duct tape? The best advice was hiding battery operated noise makers! Love your "voice" - great witing!