Friday, August 13, 2010

TMI Friday!

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This weeks discussion is all about underwear.

Here are some random thoughts about underwear:

Why is it called "underwear" for boys and "panties" for girls?
Why don't they ever have any cute underwear for plus sized women (that don't cost $15 at Lane Bryant)
Why is my son (2) obsessed with wearing the same two pairs - one pair of spongebob and one blue pair.
Why is it that men will STILL wear underwear that have holes in them and shot elastic? "They're still good!" Er . . . WRONG! 
Why can't my daughter wear ONE pair a day instead of changing them (just because) FIVE TIMES??
Why does my 13 year old step daughter insist on wearing panties that aren't even suitable for most GROWN WOMEN??
When did my 14 year old step son become so picky about his??
Why are people still wearing their pants so that their underwear show over the tops? WHY is this still fashionable??

Now, for a funny story.
For those of you that DID NOT go to school with me, I was not a popular person. 
I know, hard to believe, right?
But in all seriousness, if there was a school totem pole, I was stuck up underneath it somewhere. Now I'll admit . . . SOME of it I brought on myself (I had some REALLY bad habits ... we won't go into those here). But there was one thing that happened to me in Middle School (we had elementary, middle, and high school) that was SO embarrassing, and SO mortifying, I just knew they would put it on the front page of the school paper so I would be the laughing stock of the entire student body. 
Then I found out that there was NO ONE THERE TO SEE IT. (this I thank the good Lord for now).

I was late for school . . . or coming back from something . . . I'm not sure which. But I was NOT in class, but walking down the hall to my locker for some reason or another. 

Now, let me interject here for a second and mention that my favorite movie at this time was Grease 2 - you know, the one with Michelle Pfeiffer? Well if you've never seen the movie, there's a car chase scene in which one of a group of high school girls in a car yells out 
"We're going to die and I'm wearing my mother's underwear!"
Now, the complete dork that I was 
(I can NOT believe I am admitting this today) 
I was so inspired by that line, that I decided that I, myself, was going to, in fact, wear my mother's underwear. Big mistake. Big. HUGE. 
(sorry had to steal that one from Pretty Woman)

At this time, my mother was not the healthy body-type she is now. She used to be larger. Much larger. So were her underwear. And I was smaller. Much smaller. 
See where I'm going with this?

Did I mention I was wearing a skirt that day?

So . . . There I was walking to my locker in the middle of the school hall way, passing classrooms and windows. 
Suddenly, I feel something slipping. Something sliding . . . 
I frantically tried to grab it non-nonchalantly . . . trying my best to hide what was about to happen. But it was in vain. 
The slipping continued down my hips. 
Over my thighs . . . to my knees! 
At this point, I just KNEW the bell was going to ring and I would be completely mortified.

Somehow it didn't. 

But they kept slipping. 
To my ankles now. 
Finally I slipped my feet out of them, picked them up and passed a trash can.

I went commando for the rest of the day.
Later my mother asked if I had seen her underwear. My answer? "Nnnnnooooooo . . . ."



He & Me + 3 said...

Get out of here. That story was crazy. so glad noone saw the underwear fall. Yikes.

SuperMom Blues said...

Right! Looking back now, it's hilarious, though!

Ronnie said...

Hey by the way, YOU have some underwear that need to find their way to the trash too you know.

SuperMom Blues said...

LOL! I know baby - I'm working on it!

Miti said...

Thank goodness the bell didn't ring. That's funny! haha