Friday, August 27, 2010

TMI Friday - Girl's Only Edition . . .

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What is TMI Friday? Well, this is a fun game where ANYTHING goes! Things you wouldn't normally talk about in a blog, but happen to us EVERY DAY!
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Today has been labeled the "Girl's Only Edition" for a reason, so guys, I'm giving you fair warning on this one!!!

Topic 1:

Do you hate yours as much as I hate mine? What man invented this medieval torture device and why?? Now for women that happen to be members of the "itty bitty titty committee" (like my sisters) bras are not an issue. But for us . . . er . . . more . . . um . . . well endowed women bras are nothing but a pain. in. the. boob. (see what I did there . . . hahaha) They almost never fit right, those so-called "comfort straps" are ANYTHING but comfortable, and for women like me that have very odd proportions, the cup and the back go like this: when one's too tight, the other's too loose. When one fits, the other is too lose or too tight . . . and so on. I have YET to find a bra that fits me EVERYWHERE. And why is that us bigger women have to wear the old-fashioned military issue 1940's granny bras?? WHY are there NEVER anything CUTE in MY size (hey, I'm a 46 DD . . . it just doesn't exist, I'm tellin' ya!). I hate bras. Wish the darn things were never invented.

Topic 2:
(mm hmm see, you boys got all excited about the bra talk . . . Told you it was "Girls Only" for a reason!!)

I hate periods. I spend an entire week of every month checking my butt every 10 minutes to make sure I don't have a surprise "leak". I have ruined more pairs of underwear, pants, and shorts than I care to mention because there just doesn't seem to be a "product" out there strong enough to suit my needs. Not to mention the hormones, the cramping, the chocolate . . . okay well the chocolate isn't that bad . . . ; )

Topic 3:

Okay, here's where I get a little serious: non-interference childbirth is something I feel very strongly about. I had my first child from and incision in my belly because she wasn't ready to come out and I was induced. Let's face it, if the baby isn't ready to come out, IT AIN'T GONNA! Inductions highten the chance of a c-section, and they also raise the chance of a premature baby! That's right, there have been cases of an induction done and the baby born was less than 32 weeks. This article also explains other reasons NOT to be induced! I thought induction was a safe choice and didn't question my doctor. I was wrong. My daughter turned her head because she wasn't ready yet. If she hadn't been born by c-section, she would have died that day.  Doctors will try to scare you into inducing. DON'T LET THEM. Unless there is a DANGEROUS medical emergency (big-baby is NOT a DANGEROUS MEDICAL EMERGENCY, by the way) then there is NO medical need for an induction!

Okay, that's my hot-topic soap box for the day, LOL. I will probably talk more one day about child birth without interference - and will go into c-sections, VBAC's, natural childbirth and all that at that time. But there's too much to talk about and, as you can tell, I'm a little too passionate on the subject, LOL!!



He & Me + 3 said... periods last so long and I never know when they are coming. I hate periods. I would get rid of them in a heart beat if I could. YUCK!

SuperMom Blues said...

Me too! Can you believe I actually LOOK FORWARD to menopause!! LOL

courtney said...

My doctor forced me into menopause at 28 because of all the cyst-related pains I had. We tried putting me on birth control (even after I had my tubes tied), we tried medicinal menopause, too. Nothing worked. I would have to pull my car over and get out, no matter where I was, and stand and massage my stomach (right around my ovaries). He decided after the other methods to try an exploratory surgery to remove excess scar tissue (from 3 c-sections) and he said he removed 75% of it, but it wasn't that much. So, long story short, I had a hysterectomy and have not seen my long lost Aunt Flo since! I do, however, have to take a hormone pill every day or I'm one cranky biotch. :op Have a great weekend, Jen!

SuperMom Blues said...

I wouldn't mind that so much, to tell you the truth . . . LOL. But I'm glad you were able to get it fixed. My mom had to have one in her 30's because of endometriosis . . .

You have a good one too, Court! Love ya!

Julie said...

You forgot to add Breastfeeding! I do beleive that choosing to breastfeed is a personal choice and sometimes it is not right for you. Right now, Evie will not tolerate breat milk, and suffers from blood and mucous in loose, army green stools if I force the issue. Between pumping and feeding her bottles, I am almost a zombie. Men would be whining like their leg was amputated with a plastic spoon if they had to pump. Engorgement would cause cartoon like screams, and they would be running about spraying each other with breat milk - think portable, ready at will milk guns! It is nor a stretch to envision a man hiding behind a corner waiting on a friend to mosey by only to see an arc of breast milk shoot across the room!

SuperMom Blues said...

Julie - You're right, I did! But that's probably another blog altogether, LOL. I don't have the milk-making superpower unfortunately - we tried with Emily and I just didn't produce at all. Sweet Evie is getting so big too - she looks just like you by the way!

J. Bramlett said...

Girl, I do not want to even think about periods. Right now I am in the middle of a PMS journey from hell and everyone had better get out of my My periods are horrid they are a collaboration of severe pain, dizzyness, hot flashes, heavy flow and other things. But I REFUSE to do anything about it until we have one more child. I have to try again for a boy no matter how hard it is! My family with just have to put up with my writhing in bed for a day or two a month or until I can get back on Mirena.