Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer in the midst . . .

I love Summer. I really do. But I get so worried. Am I going to be able to handle Emily and Jake 24-7 and NOT lose my sanity? Not to mention the weeks that we are going to have Garrett and Christin in towe. I love my kids. All four of them. But I am so worried that I am going to want to kill them by the time school starts again!

Even today, Garrett and Christin are out of school today, so we have them until Monday. They are every so slightly starting to drive me banannas. Christin is helping a lot with Jake, but Garrett can't seem to NOT be argumentative with everyone - including me.

I have a TON of cleaning to do. My house looks like four tornadoes, a hurricane, and a land-fill hit it. My kitchen is not just nasty - its NAAAAASSSSTYYY . . . I have stuff on the walls and cabinets that I never noticed before Ronnie pointed it out to me. Hopefully this summer will bring control. I have to control the clutter and not let it control me!

So this summer should be interesting. I just hope I don't become the wicked step-mother!

By the way - Jacob sat up all by himself this past week! It was the coolest thing. Now, he'll yell ("Eh!!!") and make sure SOMEONE is watching him before he pushes up onto his tushie. Then he'll smile and go "Yeeeeah!!" and clap. LOL. He's so fun. I love having a baby again!

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