Friday, August 5, 2011


Hello kids! It's time for a terrifying edition of TMI Friday.

Be afraid.
Be very afraid . . .

Our PS3 is on the fritz. 
It's to be expected, I guess. We'd bought it when they first came out, and we use it ALL the time - every day for 4 hours +. So for it to be acting up now is really not a surprise.

But when the PS3 and the blue ray player on your laptop goes out at the same time . . .
AND you have a Netflix blue ray sitting on your entertainment center ready to be watched.
AND you're at home in a teeny-tiny space with two teenagers, a school ager, and a preschooler - and it's TOO HOT TO GO OUTSIDE.
Life with no PS3/Blue ray Player is like . . . Is like . . . 
Well I don't know what it's like, but it's NOT FUN! So now I get to listen to the big kids whine b/c the preschooler is watching Team Umi Zoomi, I listen to the school ager whine because the teenagers are being allowed to play on computers/handheld devices, and I listen to the preschooler whine because, well, he's a preschooler.

But that's not the rage part.
The rage happened last night when The Hubbs was trying to fix the blue ray player on his laptop and try to make the PS3 work simultaneously.
He scared me!!
I think he actually cussed IN FRONT of the kids (which he NEVER does).
I was seriously afraid he was going to throw the PS3 and his lap top out the window!

But, he did not. 
He did, in fact, FINALLY get the blue ray player on his laptop to work.

But the PS3?
It's Ppppppppppphhhhhhhhhht.


Sasha said...

That sound terrifying.

Tina Modotti said...

Awwwwwwwwww, that is just so cute!