Monday, August 15, 2011

Marriage Minded Monday: Sharing Responsibility

A common complaint among today's couples is how the household responsibilities are divied out.
Many claim that they have too much responsibility - cleaning, cooking, budgeting, child rearing, etc. - while their spouse does little to help, if anything.

Shared responsibility in running a household is essential.
When one spouse bares too much responsibility, it becomes grueling, tedious, exhausting, and overwhelming.

In my own situation, the responsibilities are as follows:

My husband works outside the home, does all the yard work, does all the "fix it" chores, handles the budget, and helps with the dishes, the laundry, and the children when he gets home from work, and takes out the garbage.

I stay at home with the children, keep the house clean (most of the time), handle the meal planning, shopping, cooking, schedule, and calender, as well as keep up with dishes and clothes when he is at work.

The children also have chores of their own.

This is a plan that certainly works for us.
That being said, this might not be a viable distribution for your own family - find out what works for your family.

For example, a couple who both work outside the home may decide to divy up chores and child raising equally: the wife may plan meals, do dishes, and tuck the children in while the husband may take out the garbage, cook, and give the children their baths, or something similar.

The point it, it is important that every member of the household is involved with its running. It keeps the burden from being solely one person's, and it helps family members feel important and needed.

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Kmama said...

We really split everything up. With both of us working, we have to, otherwise it won't get done. And when one of us sees that the other needs help, we just do it.

Jdaddy doesn't typically do the laundry, but he wouldn't hesitate to throw a load in if he knew I was struggling to find time.

Beth Zimmerman said...

My hubby has really stepped it up and joined in on the cooking AND cleaning since I went to work full time (outside the home) but lately we have both been waylaid by depression (and a broken washing machine) and could seriously use a housekeeper!

Sorry about the horrendous grammar!

Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms said...

My husband is good about helping me with chores after work too. I stay home with the kids and we fold laundry at night sometimes while watching a movie after the kids go to bed.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

momstheword said...

I totally agree that everyone is different.

When the kids were little we agreed on the fact that he had his job (outside the home) and I had my job (taking care of the kids inside the home).

When he came home, we shared. I wanted him to occupy the kids so I could cook dinner without them under my feet, so that's what he would do. We shared the parenting. Of course, as the kids got older they took turns helping me in the kitchen.

I have never really had him do much housework because I do that while he's gone, but he does the yard work and repair, as you said.
He also cooks sometimes but I usually have dinner started before he gets home.

Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!