Thursday, August 4, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments

Today I'm linking up with KMama for PMM-Proud Mommy Moments. If you have a proud - or not so proud - mommy moment, be sure to link up with her today! And if you don't well head over to her blog The Daily Dribbles anyway and give her a shout out!

I have never been prouder of Emily as I was this week.
Of course there was the evening in the E. R. on Monday night - she was so brave and amazing. I was truly humbled watching her that night.

But then there has been the rest of the week - so far.
My daughter has turned into one of the most responsible children on the planet.

Case in point:
Tuesday I forgot to give her dose #2 of her medicine. She came to me at bedtime, and reminded me. Me, being "practical mommy" reminded her that drinking right before bed wasn't a good idea. Her response:

"But Momma, I'm supposed to have TWO DOSES!!"
I stood there, chastised.
Then gave her her second dose.

For those parents that have never delt with the problems of constipation with encopresis, this is HUGE. Typically, children with these problems will do whatever it takes to PREVENT going to the bathroom. So for Emily to understand the importance of taking her medication is amazing.

I love my daughter so much and I am so proud that she is mine.


Kmama said...

Aww! It sounds like you had a rough week. How great of Emily to remind you of the rules. ;-)

Thanks for linking up!

Emmy said...

Yea! That is awesome. Hopefully she keeps that attitude in life. Great PMM, thanks for linking up with Kmama and I.

Michelle Pixie said...

That is great! It always makes it easier for everyone involved when it isn't a fight. Sounds like she has a great outlook on life!