Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's time, folks, for another edition of
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To my children for refusing to get along for longer than five minutes.
i really didn't need to finish photoshopping those nature photos for my portfolio

To my landlord for replacing our dishwasher with the cheapest disposable model around
i thought the whole point of a dishwasher was that I wasn't supposed to have to do them . . . ?

To the birds who think my car is a battle zone
i always wanted a polka dot paint job

To mother nature for making me a woman and putting me through torture once a month
no, i really didn't need "special time" with DH this week

To all the authors of the photoshop "help guides" that you find all over the internet and teach you absolutely nothing
who needs to make money doing what they love anyway?

And a very, truly sincere THANK YOU VERY MUCH! goes out to my friends, family, and other loved ones for keeping my family and I in your prayers over these past few weeks, thank you for the phone calls, the hugs, and the food. And a very special THANK YOU VERY MUCH! to my Lord and Savior for bringing Grandpa Home where he belongs!

God Bless!


Lisa said...

Oh no! Bird crap on your car is real bad for the paint job! Thanks for sharing your post!!

Kmama said...

Oh man. I so hear you on the kids fighting and the birds crapping on your car! LOL Why is it as soon as you wash a car, the birds find it??

And I also totally agree in the PhotoShop Tutorials. Ugh.

Thanks for linking up!

Beth said...

What a cute TYVM. I played along for the first time today. Love your rainbow colors! Kids and birds ... what can I say! I haven't done photo shop but I'm thinking it looks like something I would enjoy! Maybe not so much the tutorials tho! So sorry about your grandpa but delighted that you know where he is and that you WILL see him again!

Following you now. :)