Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back Again! New Look, New Format!

So, I have been on a bit of a haitus. Not because I don't love blogging. Au contraire . . .
I have just been lost on this particular blog. With my other blog, it's simple. It's all about my weight loss. Nothing else involved. But HERE. Well, this is my forum to talk about anything and everything.

What's a writer to do . . ?

Then it hit me!

A blog about everything should be just that! A blog about EVERYTHING!
So, welcome to it.
This is my blog about EVERYTHING.
The new format will look something like this:

Monday: I will be linking up every Monday with my friend Nan over at Mom's The Word for her link-up "Making Your Home Sing Monday"

Tuesday: "Tasty Tuesday" will return! And most recipes will be low carb and/or Paleo based (and YUM).

Wednesday: "Wordful Wednesday" will come about - this day will be dedicated to scripture and religious discussion.

Thursday: As a Mary Kay lady, I have to throw in a few posts dedicated just for that, and they will be here! Thursday will be "Thnk Pink Thursday" and all about Mary Kay, including my own personal successes, struggles, and any specials I'll be running for that week/month!

Friday: TMI Friday returns - with a VENGENCE (let's just say that having weight loss surgery has given me a LOT of TMI Friday moments!)

Saturday/Sunday: These two days will be dedicated to photography, art, music, crafts, and writing.

I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, and I hope you'll join me! Thanks for reading!

God bless,

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