Monday, September 27, 2010

Making Your Home Sing Monday - Open Your Windows!!

Happy Monday everyone! It's time for another round of Making Your Home Sing Monday hosted by Nan over at Moms The Word!
Making your home sing Mondays

Fall is finally here in my little piece of Texas, and I couldn't be more excited. The crispness of the air; the colors of the leaves; the soups, stews, and chillies; the Renaissance Faire . . . And, for us, the official TURNING OFF OF THE AIR CONDITIONER. That's right. It's a ritual . . . almost ceremonial.  We fling open the windows, turn off the air conditioner and bask in the cool air. It's rejuvenating. It's energizing. It's spiritual.

Opening your windows this time of year will do two things for you - first, it will allow all the dank humid air from the summer out of your home. Second, it will allow you to lower your electric bill (did you know that about 50% of electricity costs come from air conditioners?). So you get fresher air, and more money in your pocket to boot!

Okay, folks, now, turn off your computer, go turn of your air conditioner, open your windows, throw back the curtains and LET THE AUTUMN BEGIN!!!


Kmama said...

We turned our air off yesterday, but that's only because we realized we haven't used it in awhile, with the temps being in the 50's and 60's lately. It was in the 40's this morning. Brr.

momstheword said...

I love being able to open the windows and feel a cool breeze. We don't have an a/c. Our summers are usually 70-80's. We occasionally have it in the 90's but that's rare.

Last year it went into the 100's (which is extremely rare for us) and I must say that it was miserable!

But we're used to being in the 80's without an a/c. I only know two people who have a/c (most people around here really don't have it as we don't need it), and when it was 104 one day we went over to their house for awhile. It was nice!

Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday

Erin said...

You're turning off the air and we're double checking our heaters! We had two nights last week that dipped into the mid-30s (not freezing, thank goodness!). This medium time of year is amazing, whichever side you're coming off of!