Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer is coming! Everybody hide!

The days are shorter and hotter
The sounds of screaming children fill the air
Everyone in my daughters class is ready for Friday (the last day of school)
Summer is upon us.
Be afraid.
Be very afraid.

This summer I plan on doing a lot of nothing.  
I am taking a break from school, don't plan on making any trips to the pool or the fun park, or the park.
Maybe the library.
I don't get outside much.
I'm Irish.
I burn. 

Maybe that is going to end up a mistake.  
I mean after all, I am 
 I should have a game plan, yes?  Well, 
I may not be planning the funnest of all fun summers.
No Disneyland trips for the DeMoss clan.
I do have a plan!

Picnics outside under the protection of the very large shade tree in the front yard (did I mention my Irish roots?)
Sitting on the couch with my baby girl playing Mario Kart and Mod Nation Racers.
Reading books.  Lots and lots of books.
Maybe a little blogging.
A whole LOT of cooking and recipe writing.
(maybe I'll finally finish that cookbook)

I even have a (flexible) schedule.
*yea me*

The next couple of days I get to enjoy a little more peace and quiet.
Then . . .

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♥ helen said...

I think your plans for the summer sounds beautiful and peaceful.