Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Musings

This week I managed to keep a sorta clean house.  
Well, until the children entered the living room with toys and books and food, and drink (anyone know how to get unidentified really sticky black tar-like goo [that was probably once a gummie snack] off a carpet?  The ice trick doesn't work, by the way.  Neither does peanut butter).  
BUT my kitchen has stayed wonderful.  

We were supposed to have a brooding teen invasion this weekend, 
but his mother decided to recount her previous decision and take him with them anyway.  
I can't say much.  
I probably would have given in too.  

Spent an amazing day today with my kids, my hubby, and my dad.  
My mom was out of town helping my brother and his wife move into their new home.  The good news, they're in TX instead of CA now, and only a few hours away rather than two days (YIKES).  
The bad news . . . they're still six hours away 
*sad face*.

Emily's behavior has improved by leaps and bounds at both school and home.  
She's only had one serious trouble day at school, and really, I couldn't punish her too badly for it because she was defending herself.  
The good news there is that she's not the only one in the class acting up, and the little boy bugging her got in worse trouble than she did.

Got to see two new movies this week that I was so excited about - The Princess and the Frog and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.  
They were both ADORABLE.  
So glad Disney is back into the actual animation (P&F was all HAND DRAWN and was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL).  Here lately, it seems the artistry has gone all out of animation with all the computer programming.  
That being said, Cloudy actually had some of the best hair I've ever seen - it actually looked like REAL hair!  I think that counts as artistry, even if it is just a bunch of java commands.

Jake(2) has been making us crack up all week with his knock-knock jokes.  
The latest involves my mother and father-in-laws' cat, Pumpkin:
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Interrupting Pumpkin
Interrupting- . . . 
(cut off by angry kitty hiss here)

Well, that's it for my week, I hope everyone else's was just as blessed!

If you are a facebook junkie, you should check out this page : Mommy Bloggers.  It is an amazing networking site!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Oh those two movies are so good. Stunt Man cried in Cloudy with a Chance. It had all the emotions in that movie.
Try goo off. It smells but it will probably work.