Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Friday!

The weekend is upon us and as it comes up for me, I have one very serious issue to really sit back and think about.

Brooding teenagers.

I have one very unhappy teenage boy coming to spend the weekend with his father and I.  Why is he unhappy?  He doesn't get to go on the family trip with his sister, mom, and step dad.  
He doesn't get to go because he LIED for several weeks about some things going on at school.  
To further his unhappiness, he's grounded here as well for failing THREE of his classes. 
So . . . No family trip, no PS3, no PS2, no PSP, no Wii, no nintendo, 

What can he do?  
Play outside  
Build something impressive with the massive amount of Legos covering his bedroom floor at the moment  
Read a book  

Will he do any of these things?  
Probably not.  
If he does, he'll probably grump about them the entire time.


I have to repeat the mantra: 
I love my children I love my children I love my children 
over and over again this weekend.  But the fact is, I do love them.  
Even the broody, grumpy, angry-at-the-world teenager.

The plus side is, I don't have anything planned this weekend.  Nothing.  Nada.  I get to sleep in tomorrow.  

'Til 6:30

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momto9 said...

Ha ha yes...we have those creatures too:):)