Friday, March 6, 2009

Five year olds and Soccer Balls

We're Kickin' It - "Pre-School" Style!!
These kids were so fun to watch. In between throwing the ball the wrong way, getting stuck in soccer nets, and pouting when they missed the ball or had to go to the "back of the line", there was fun and frolicking, and a TON of laughs!

This is Emily's best friend from school, Nathan. They were SUPPOSED to be practicing throwing the ball back into play by throwing it to their coach. Nate missed. He may have hit a bird or two, though . . . we're not sure.

My beautiful princess. She is loving this soccer thing!

Lance, Nathan, and Emily. We have no idea what Nathan was telling Emily, but apparently it was HILARIOUS because right after this picture was taken, they both started laughing hysterically.

The Rockets!! Boy . . . what are we in for?

Soccer is great fun. I never in 1,00,000 years thought that I'd be in this place. I always thought that I'd be alone and raising 50 cats by now. But God had other plans for me. He brought me an amazing husband, and granted me not one, but two beautiful children of my own. Not only that, but he blessed me with two "bonus" kids that are equally special!!

Thank you God for my blessings!

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Adriane the Great said...

Ha! Mama Munson told me about this! At least she's not picking flowers and doing cartwheels during the game. My nephew (the 10 year old) used to do that...and summersalt right before he'd score a goal. Serious.