Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh the joys of child rear-ing (no pun intended)

Cute Picture of the Week

Too cute, huh? I love my kids!!

This story may be TMI for some people . . .

So I go to use the restroom this morning and Jake follows me in to the bathroom. He looks at me, grins and says "shoo!" Then he proceeds to pick up a towel off the floor and reach around to try to wipe my bottom for me!!!

What a Goob . . .

Emily and I have a routine every morning. She gets up about 5 (after Ronnie leaves) and crawls into bed with me.

The other morning I go in to get her up (it was after 9!!). I said, "are you going to stay in bed all day?" Her response? "Hm . . . well, I was thinkin' about it . . ."
Lazy girl . . .

Aren't they silly???

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