Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The End Is Near! (Not a Religious Statement)

I went to TWU yesterday to see about changing majors. Well, needless to say, if I had stayed on my current track, I would have finished in May 2010, with the way TWU's scheduling system goes. But, after talking to a wonderful advisor, filing some paperwork at the registrar's office, and going over schedules, it is done!! I am no longer an English major, I am now a General Studies major. I am no longer graduating in 2010, but now, ladies and gentlemen, I am graduating in MAY!!!! W00T!! That's right. 18 hours. That's it. I have three classes this semester, and three next semester. I am going to FINALLY do this!!

This brings me to a preachy moment. I have heard women saying, "Oh, i can't go back to college, I can't afford it/I'm a SAHM/I don't have the time/yadda-yadda-yadda" Okay, all those excuses are BS!!!! It took me 14 - YES, 14 years (by the time I walk across the stage)!!! I started in 1995. But I did it! Sometimes I could only take one class at a time. I had to take a few semesters off due to moving to Austin, legal troubles, pregnancy, wedding, pregnancy, baby, etc. It was slow going. But I did it.

So if you think it's not possible, think again!!

So, just FYI, the next person that comes up to me and says "Oh I just can't . . ." I will tell you to your face that that's a cop-out. Just be warned . . .

On a side note, after a week of feaver, night wakings, screaming, crying, rashes, diarrhea, swollen gums . . . we now have FOUR teeth instead of TWO!

4 nights of screaming $0, but really annoying
3 days of high (101) feaver $0, but a little scary
2 bottles of feaver reducer $8
1 case of roseola $0 - but unnerving for mom

Finally getting it all done and over with . . . until the next tooth, anyway?

. . . Priceless

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