Monday, May 6, 2013

FLYing High!

Have you heard of the Fly Lady?
Her REAL name is Marla Cilley and she runs this amazing website.
Why is she so cool?
Well . . . Remember this post a few days ago?
She's going to help me get over it.

Once upon a time I was a "Fly Baby" - I shined my sink, did the challenges daily, the whole works.
Where did I go wrong?

So many places.
First of all I never finished all of her Beginner Baby Steps.
Second, I didn't wear shoes every day (does this REALLY matter? I don't know, but it MIGHT!)
Third, I never got around to doing a household binder.
Finally . . . I just never kept my motivation going.

So I'm starting over. From Baby Step 1 (yes, my sink is SHINY!)
I invite you to join me! Each week I will update how I did the week before - what days I had problems and why.
Today I shined my sink.
Who knows what tomorrow may bring!

Linking up today with my friend Nan over at Mom's The Word for her weekly link up "Making Your Home Sing Monday"! Go check her out!


Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG I LOVE THE FLYLADY...JUST LOVE HER!!! I can not live without her. I love that she is working with cozi calender now...she is a life saver

Kim@Co-Pilot Mom said...

I have heard wonderful things about The Fly Lady. It is very challenging to keep on top of all of the household and family responsibilities.

momstheword said...

I have heard of her and even have her book! I don't get her daily emails or anything, but I love how she divides her home into zones.

Can't wait to have you share with us how you're doing! You can DO this, my friend! As she says, baby steps.

Thanks for linking up today.