Monday, May 13, 2013

FLYing High - Week One Update!

So how did my first week being "back on the wagon" with the FlyLady go?

Something like this:

Day One (Monday)
Baby Step One - DONE . . . Until everyone started putting their dirty dishes in the sink. And I had no place to put them because the dishwasher was full.
Flylady challenge of the day - DONE And the counters I scrubbed even got cleared . . .

Day Two (Tuesday)
Baby Step Two - DONE . . . Dressed to tennis shoes and did my hair. Even washed my face and put on lip gloss!
Flylady challenge of the day - This one did NOT get done. Frankly because I didn't have any storage containers that I needed to toss. Also, I ended up going out of town on a doctor's appointment that day.

Day Three (Wednesday)
Baby Step Three - DONE . . . It's easy to do the same thing over again!
Flylady challenge of the day - DONE - This one actually inspired me to organize my coffee area!

Day Four (Thursday)
Baby Step Four - DONE . . . Sticky notes are cheap. Why not utilize them?
Flylady challenge of the day - DONE - Already done when I shined my sink on Day one!

Day Five (Friday)
Baby Step Five - DONE! In fact, I did this twice - once on paper and once in my head!
Flylady Challenge of the day -I didn't do this one - I was out of town with my mom on a surprise outing!

Day Six (Saturday)
Baby Step Six - Done! I found several "hot spots". I didn't put them all out, because honestly, we have way too many! But I did take stock of where they are and why they're hot spots!
Flylady Challenge of the day - There was none.

Day Seven (Sunday)
Baby Step Seven - DONE! Actually, I did this on Saturday night too! Picking out what I'm wearing the next day sure helps things in the morning.
Flylady Challenge of the day - There wasn't one.

Other things I accomplished:
I got back on my morning routine.
I got caught up on laundry (this was no easy feat!!!)
I got my kitchen clean!

This week I am linking up with my friend Nan at Mom's The Word for her weekly link up Making Your Home Sing Monday! Want to join the fun? Hop over there and find out how!


Faith Santini said...

Keep flying!

Faith Santini said...

Blond Duck said...

I definitely need to do this challenge. My husband would be so happy!