Thursday, January 19, 2012

PMM - Proud Mommy Moments

Today I am linking up with my friend KMama over at The Daily Dribbles for Proud Mommy Moments!
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Throughout my children's lives, there have been a myriad of moments that made me grin, even more that have made me cringe, and a few that just left me speechless.

This moment is one of those speechless moments.

My best friend, Laura, and I spend a lot of time at each other's houses. And by a lot, I mean that we are blessed to be able to see each other almost every day. Thus our children also spend a lot of time together. Laura's daughter and my son are both four. Same age, same temperment, almost the same personality.

They're both quite funny, in fact, and even when they do something outrageous, it is usually hilarious enough to keep them from getting into a lot of trouble. 

The particular day in question, the kids were playing nicely in the back bedroom with the baby. Usually we have sounds of screams and laughter - all loud, happy sounds. This was no different. Until we noticed that it had been unusually quiet in there for a whole five minutes - an hour in four-year-old time.

Concerned, we both made our way to the room to see what was going on.
We found our four year old children jumping on the bed together.
Completely, utterly, stark, buck naked.
Not a lick of clothes on except their socks.
My jaw dropped, then I had to stifle the biggest laugh, as did my friend.
Of course, we spoke to them about the importance of not being naked in front of each other at this tender stage of their development. When we asked who's idea it was, we found that it was my son who said to his "girlfriend" "let's get naked!"
Great. My boy's gonna be a mac-daddy.
But when I told my husband about it, his response was:
"That's my boy!" 
I'm so proud!

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Kmama said...

Hahaha!! My husband's response would have been the exact same!

Thanks for linking up!

Oka said...

and my husband's would been the same too ;)

much more innocent then what I found a girl talking my then 5 year old into

Emmy said...

Lol! Okay that is too funny. I would have been so embarrassed! So nice that you and and your best friend have kids that are friends.

Perfect PMM- thanks so much for linking up!

Susan Evans said...

I always get suspicious when my kids are super quiet!

Ginger said...

*Snort*, that's definitely one for the "speechless" category. Or the "LOL" category :-)