Friday, April 25, 2008

I love Fridays.

I love Fridays. Me and my daughter get to snuggle in bed for as long as we want - or until Jake wakes up. I did all the housework on Thursday, when I didn't have class, so it's pretty well a lazy day to cuddle and watch tv and bake cookies.

Today is Ronnie's birthday. I SHOULD have bought a cake mix to do his cake. Or at the very least gotten the stuff to make it from scratch with. But this week we were on a very tight budget. Come to think of it, until the rebate check comes from the government, we are on a very tight budget. Bless his heart, he works so hard. Sometimes it almost feels like it's for nothing, though. We're ALWAYS behind on SOMETHING. Mostly, that's my fault. I will put off paying a bill so we don't get overdraft, then I forget. And half the time, wouldn't you guess, we go over ANYWAY . . . It's a never ending circle.

But I digress . . .

The point of the post is FRIDAYS
I love Friday.

We don't have to go anywhere, and we don't have a car even if we DID, LOL. It's kinda nice. Just me, Emily, and the baby . . . all day long . . . with no car . . . geesh, I must be wacko . . .

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