Monday, August 12, 2013

Organization Update! Boxes, Boxes, and more Boxes . . .

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So, if you recall last week's post, I'm having issues with organization.
Yeah ... I guess that's kind of an understatement.
But last week, I decided to finally get it under control!
And, little by little, it's happening.

So, what did I accomplish last week?

I decluttered two drawers, four boxes, the piano, and a bookshelf.
I got the kitchen, dining room, and living room floors picked up and rid of all the trash collecting in them, well, until the dogs dragged more out, but that's taken care of too!
I had our couch cleaned off - then the kids and the hubbs piled stuff on it again...
It's weird, because just saying "I decluttered the living room" sounds like it wasn't a whole lot, but it was an ORDEAL. It took two days in itself.

I am learning that it is a process. I have to make habits daily, and stick with them even when I don't want to.
So, I've formed a "battle plan" of things that MUST be done daily without question and without whining about it:

Two loads of laundry - wash, fold, put away
Picking up around house (that's almost hourly)
Cleaning the kitchen
Straightening the bathroom
And decluttering for a few minutes at a time.

Now, the issue is the boxes of decluttered stuff I know have around my house, but that's okay because I think the boxes are better than the clutter . . . Well, to an extent. Plus those will be gone soon too. Although I may have to rethink my packing strategy - books in a large plastic container aren't easy to move . . .

So, my battle plan for this week is to continue doing what I've been doing! I'm going to finish getting the living room ready, make a delivery to the local Hospice thrift store, get my laundry room organized and finish cleaning the bathroom. If I have time this week, I'll start on getting the kitchen reorganized, but I'm not going to push it.

Yesterday I was feeling very overwhelmed and had a friend pray with me at church. After, I felt rejuvenated. I know I can do this - and I know that God can help me through!


momstheword said...

Yes you CAN do it, Jen! All you need is time. Don't focus on what you have to do yet, focus on what you've done.

It's good that you're establishing some habits for your kids. It will help teach them a work ethic and also a little pride and ownership in their house.

We had three toy pickups a day: before lunch, before dinner, before bed. I did a room check at 4pm every day where I went and made sure their beds were made, room was neat, etc.

I didn't do it earlier because of homeschooling and just not finding time to get in there and "officially" check. They made their beds in the morning, I just didn't get there until the afternoon, lol!

We also did a whole house pickup every evening at 7:00 pm. We all worked together but I know I've mentioned this before.

After awhile, even the children will start to take a little pride in their home and want to help keep it clean.

It took me awhile to dig myself out during my slob days. I mean, our home was a disaster. But once we dig ourselves out, we get better and better and organizing or letting go of stuff!

Remember, your "job" isn't just about being a homemaker. It's about making a home and being a wife and mom. And if that means the decluttering has to be put aside a bit so that you can play a game with your kids or enjoy your family, then that's o.k!

One thing I've realized is that if my family "doesn't care" about how the house looks, then I feel like they don't care about ME and what's important to me. This is why I start to get grumpy if things get messy and have been known to snap at people, lol!

So if they want a happy mom they'd best pick their stuff up, haha! But kids being kids will send you right back to the Lord in prayer for your attitude and to be loving and find peace and patience instead of killing them, haha. At least, it seems that way with me!

momstheword said...

You know, it sounds like I'm celebrating what *I* did instead of celebrating what YOU did. I am very excited for you and I know how good it feels to start getting that clutter under control.

I'm just sharing a bit about our journey! Thanks for linking up today!